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The battle is for the hearts and minds. Until the government begins to speak truth, until the elites soften their hearts and begin to share the spoils of capitalism, the marginalized will easily become radicalized. What we see now is empire's fools preaching war, and nobody believes a word out of their mouths. cheers, benign
John, you are brave to open comments again. Here's a references for TrumpCare premiums: The point being the system will have to be reformed. The Depression and WWII brought Americans together. What I worry about this time is that collapse and WWIII will simply enable the plutocrats to put their boot in the face of the people permanently, given the mechanisms of control available to them. Remember, division serves the masters. cheers, b9
This appears to be a tactical sales campaign. Why would elected representatives owned by donors pay any attention to calls? Anyway, as the Opposition launches their app, gridlock develops. Only cleaning up campaign finance and setting term limits will begin to reform. A revolution of some sort may be required. TrumpCare, with its 500% premium increases for seniors, is going to accelerate white die-off. Trump's tax policies, like Reagan's, benefit the ruling elite. The People are likely to be really ticked off when they realize they've been conned again. The system needs to be reformed. Whether through direct democracy on issues like the Iraq war, or through non-owned representation, the people need to rule the government, not the other way around. cheers, b9 Don't know if this is true, but Trump seems to want to stay alive
Sunday December 17: Looks like Trump will carry the EC. Obama has a backup plan, having asked for "intelligence" on Russian interference with the Presidential election to be delivered the day before Inauguration. The CIA fabricates the required result and Obama declares the election result null and void, sending the issue to Congress presumably. The military, who have grown tired of being mercenaries for the CIA, Halliburton, et al., and who have consistently supported "alt" candidates (i.e., Ron Paul) who are against stupid wars, will take action and declare the election result valid, securing the Capitol and throwing Obama in jail for treason.... Who knows? Interesting times. Trump, like Brexit, like Obama before him, is a product of the dissatisfaction of a large segment of the population with the concentration of wealth and power under globalist capitalism. We don't know if Trump is "real," whether he really wants to break the grip of the military-industrial complex on the American people to return the economy to more productive activities, but it was saying that that got him elected. He is a buffoon, but so what? If he shepherds in a positive Fourth Turning revolution, he is a doing America a favor. The alternative backup plan is to start a war with Russia before the Inauguration... as troops are allegedly being moved to the Russian border.... Most likely is that America descends into chaos for a decade or so as the elites fight to hold onto their porcine shares, and take the rest of us down.... peace, benign