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Yoga master Ben Ralston on his personal experiences with kundalini energy and chakras: My blog is all about empowering people. I share 20 years worth of investigation into consciousness and holistic living through yoga and other spiritual disciplines. NO ADS :) Check it out!
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Ahem, (no, not amen, AHEM, sheepishly): "Sorry about the self-linkage, but it really is relevant."
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By the way, I believe that there is no God outside of ourselves. Divinity, whatever you believe that to be, cannot be outside of us. Or if it is, it is equally in us. Therefore it seems to me that we are God(s). I see nothing in the Bible, or any other spiritual scripture or tradition to contradict this, and I've studied a few of them! What some call God, I call Awareness, or Consciousness. I find it to be all powerful when it's focused (which in most people it rarely is). I also write about consciousness, and I USE it in my work as a HEALER. For those of you that like the Bible (minority here I see but hey...), remember that Jesus apparently said something like: "All these things and more, you will do too". He was just a highly evolved dude, like Buddha, Mohammed, etc. And one more thing: true prayer is not asking someone 'out there' for help - it's about taking responsibility. Just my 2 cents worth. Ben
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Hi, great article, thank you. And refreshing to see so many intelligent and articulate comments too! I've written two articles on my blog of relevance: one about healing the trauma of sexual abuse, and one about terminal illness. I'd like to invite you to have a look:
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May 28, 2010