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NB original "interpretation" indeed
Icanhaz! I was going to write about Love Exposure for my blog post today until I saw that Bronwyn already wrote about the Japan Society Film Festival (love exposure was a sold out hit last year) I finally watched it this weekend - maybe next week I will post some of the upcoming line up.. sad I missed robogeisha
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Apr 29, 2010
FOr those looking to watch the whole video, you brave souls, you need to grab the whole thing I link to - there is much more Hoboken awesomeness - even more maxwells.
yes - what a post! I have always been a fan of "who's gonna mow your grass" what a tune - and I have always wanted to see a list like this thanks mucho!
to the perplexed yep, it is Clearly NY I just used this image to go with the story and the link 'caus I couldn't find the Kansas one - sorry if this confused you all click on the link in the post and see other images I could have used
I'm with you on that one James, the king kat HC is a beautiful book from a true artist. I don't want to bog this post down with new stuff though, old books make for fine summer reading as well.
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Mike I was eating at Haveli's when you walked by! (first time too - not bad - but yes, $$) As for the competing fire-trap dives, One weekend as I was walking by I witnessed a gaggle of well dressed young people arguing over the oft-overheard legend that one of the two eateries is actually 'better than the other' when a weather-beaten old timer walking along side of me growled out: "Fuggetabout it - they both suck" !!
Ham on Rye is a one of my all time favorite books - its perfect
wow, thanks for that Fatherflot what a story
Obviously the veil will be the 6th screen.
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Brian all your live shows are so much fun to listen to! this is a total total GEM thanks
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what a great list this week clinton I didn't make it past Leonard though.. what a great bunch of mp3s - by the time I listen to these you will have 300 more for us.. thanks so much
dear above 2 comments - the post in question by no means celebrates torture or murder - um... it does say WORST joke heard... This video is one of the most important pieces of video to ever hit the internet, and I find it fascinating that Bush claims he hasn't even watched it (which is why I wanted to blog about the conspiracy)
Nathan Barley may be post dot cock bubble - but the fact that the idiots fall for the very things that are mocking them make the show seem timeless, plus.. the cruelty of Nathan Barley is pretty amazing to watch as well.
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Friday's doonesbury has Zonker (who works at mcfriendlys) gets a trip to the rock and roll hall of fame! and Cleveland even gets a mention.
Swallows the sludge to pull out the fertilizer righteousness destroyed new matter: Papermaking sludge processing does for somebody (righteousness 乌市 report group by the small earthworm the small earthworm which completes Chen Xiguang) crowd of groups 24 hours not to stop does farm work, is swallowing the papermaking sludge, decomposes the organic fertilizer. This new matter occurs in righteousness 乌市 red shore town. Today, the Zhejiang Jiang hua Sichuan industry group paper mill produces the sludge continuously is transporting to righteousness 乌市 to revere the dragon agriculture cultivation technology limited company base, asks "the biological machine" □□the small earthworm to carry on harmless processing, said goodbye to the papermaking sludge to fill in buries processing the traditional way. Textile fiber content high, chromium, zinc equipollent metal content high, after does papermaking sludge processing which is easy to harden always is the paper mill thorny matter, in the past usually carried on it fills in buries processing, not only processing expense each ton expense had 670 Yuan, moreover as soon as met the rainy day, filled in buries the field sewage leakage, was easy to cause two times of pollution. Now, does for somebody by the small earthworm, a ton processing expense only needs 17 Yuan. Today, Chinese Sichuan industry group's environmental protection everywhere long Chen in first lunar month said that, "Adopts this kind of harmless processing, a year gets down, helps the enterprise to save more than 2 million Yuan!" Creates the national environmental protection model city and in the national botanical garden city in the struggle, righteousness 乌市 on the one hand because the multitudinous papermaking enterprise produces massive sludge, because the elder accumulates, the environment question is prominent; On the other hand, the multi- family belongings place flowers and trees planter company, must organically purchase more than 9,000 tons every year to the outside areas to be fat. Last year the Central Committee Television "Entered Science" the column, broadcast the earthworm decomposition sludge project news, made righteousness 乌市 hall for worshipping buddha town farmer Xu Ruijin eye one to be bright. Brain detachable he, rushes to from righteousness Ukraine Jiangsu Changshu to inspect immediately, decided immediately introduction "earthworm decomposition sludge production biology organic fat" project, simultaneously invites the technical expert, carries on the project proof and the environmental protection appraised, the investment fund more than 600,000 Yuan, rent the land 170 Chinese acres, introduces Japan to be greatly even 2, the agricultural 1 earthworm hatchery egg, has established our province first earthworm decomposition sludge, the production biology organic fat base. After the base completes, has aroused the peripheral county city papermaking enterprise's strong interest, on own initiative comes to inspect, the relation in abundance. The Chinese Sichuan group paper mill becomes this base the first partner. Xiaoshan and so on more than 10 organic fat production enterprises also coming people comes the electricity near the water's edge three positive fertilizers factories to seek the cooperation. Base technical advisor the prince's metal' sends said, decomposes the sludge after the earthworm biochemistry, may transform organically is fat, but widely uses in the city to afforest, the non- environmental damage vegetables, the fruits and melons tea production, as well as organic fat production chemical additive. At the same time, reproduces earthworm, also may take the cultivation soft-shelled turtle, the chicken duck and so on the superior feed, but also has treats disease the and so on hypertension for medicinal purposes value, the economic efficiency is extremely considerable. Attaches picture three: Chart one: On August 17 the morning, righteousness 乌市 reveres the dragon agriculture cultivation technology limited company person in charge Xu Ruijin to hold the lovable small earthworm, proud said, is these kids, one day can transform organically more than 10 tons papermaking sludge is fat. Chart two: On August 17 the morning, vehicle vehicle papermaking sludge is transporting the sludge biochemistry processing base from the paper mill. Chart three: On August 17 the morning, righteousness 乌市 reveres the dragon agriculture cultivation technology limited company staff biochemistry base to nurse for the small earthworm.
That Michael Pollen fellow did a good piece on this story on On The Media This post might have well been called Greasy Kid Stuff too!
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