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The whole argument is debunked directly by scripture. The Lord says to Israel through the prophet Isaiah, "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be eaten by the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken." - Isaiah 1:18-19 Basically God is giving a reason for us to obey, which is trusting His instruction and word to us, and He points out directly that it is a logical argument. Done deal, the end.
Theology: The study of God As compared to other studies like biology, where the one who studies is above and higher in authority than the thing studied; theology attempts to study that which is higher in thought than we are, is in authority of us and already contains a comprehensive knowledge of us. In theology the roles are reversed. The little looks up to find the big. Imagine an amoeba peering up through the microscope to find us and know us. Can this be done? -Absolutely NOT- What hope do we have then? How can we be encouraged to take up such an arrogant course expecting to find answers? The answer is we cannot. There is no reference we have or scale of understanding to measure and list the components and workings of God. We are at a loss. -BUT- This God has made a way for us to find Him. It is His hand that is lent down to pick us up into the heavens; into the realm of eternity, from His good mercy, pleasure and purpose, revealing to us Himself and giving us the power to come and know the one who created us; to know and have eternal life. He has given us the revelation of His word; the doorway into the Spirit from this world. It is through studying this that we are able to find Him in prayer. When we study biology, we write a text book to explain what we have found to reveal it to others. We had not the ability to write such a text on the living God without His involvement; So He chose men and overshadowed them in partnership with them to write the text book on Him. He has given us the word of God, the revelation of the Spirit; the text book for the class - theology. But does it end there? Now that we have this text can we now find Him in His word and study Him from above the microscope? Does His revelation now give us the power to study in authority and nail down the measurements and lists of components and workings of God? Can we move forward now without Him, to know Him? -NO- He does not allow this. It is His desire in the first place that we know Him but the end is not having the knowledge of and about Him. The end is to know Him personally and relationally. The knowledge of Him is dead but the knowing Him in relationship is alive. For this reason we cannot pursue the knowledge of God as a subject of study alone but of relating to Him. When we relate to Him we can study Him with the correct purpose; to be like Him, which is a process of growth and experience. It is alive for He is life!! He began this process in the garden and continued it with sending His Son to make us righteous and able to contain His holiness. It was of necessity that He make us like Him having the part with which to travel and perceive the spirit realm, the Holy Spirit inside of us. The end is not for us to know about Him; having the knowledge and understanding to measure Him for He is immeasurable. The end is not for us to search Him out for He is unsearchable. His end is for us to be one with Him and for that we need to have Him in us. Theology is the dead study of subject impossible to study but love is the living and moving breath of God inside of us; bringing us from glory to glory with Him, in His arms and carful care; to know Him and live, to love Him and be consumed by Him. He is the living God. You are blessed and loved.
To add: The human capacity for original thought is based on reference. Try and come up with an idea that has no reference to prior thoughts and ideas or observation. Calling the inventor of the idea of a spiritual realm a genius would be an insult to him. He would've had to possess a sort of magical ability to think more than any man possess now. If we do not have a spiritual sense this idea would be IMPOSSIBLE TO CONJECTURE.
Although knowledge can lead us to what will save us - Christ.
Here is a thought: Science is not an authority on anything. Science doesn't 'say' anything. Science is a tool. It is a tool that was authored by man. Man made it up. It is our own understanding; you and I and everyone else. Human thought does not trump other human thought. Can one human be wrong and another right? Yes, but who gets to say which one is right? - another human that might be wrong as well? In the end it is just humans getting together to say this or that and it really amounts to nothing. Knowledge is useless and meaningless without God. It is knowledge that killed us and it will not be knowledge that saves us.
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Feb 28, 2011