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Benjamin Morgan
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Excellent article, Brant. My favorite line: "my soul is for sale and it's priced to move." Werd. It is possible for artists to make a living doing what they love. But, as you noted, it takes relentless diligence, determination and collaboration. As we learned on QoL, you can't be content with just being an artist. You have to become adept at the business and marketing side as well. Unless you have a trust fund... It's an exciting time for DIY Filmmaking. It will be interesting to see if/how the industry responds (ala Paramount). Tackling pay inequity for above-the-line would be a good place to start. Not holding my breath (for film, or US Biz in general). Thanks again for the article. Keep it up! summershines-dot-com
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Feb 5, 2010