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Ben Margolin
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Great story, mine is similar too. I wrote what I believe was the most popular code-hacking (same deal, AT&T/MCI/etc LD codes) software for the Amiga back in the day (whoo AmigaBASIC!). I never got busted using it, but my buddy who went to high school with us (this was 1987) did, his house was raided *while it was running on his Amiga* and they unplugged everything before they even looked at the screen, fortunately for him. He ended up getting a suspended sentence because he was already signed up to enter the Army upon graduation in a few months. I was a lot more careful after that, but at one point I tried to calculate how much free LD I had used and it was pretty scary. Thanks for the story. We are the same age and it was definitely a unique time to grow up and be obsessed with computers. Kids today (get off my lawn!), like the recent college grads I run across at work really have such different experiences, and in some ways, I wish more of them could have been around in the BBS days, especially the really talented ones. Anyhow, great post, really enjoyed it. --'The Burglar' (from C= scene, there was apparently an Apple scene Burglar as well), sysop of The Corporation and Tog-Dog BBSes in Detroit :)
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Streams work on my Macs, but don't on my iPad, 360, or Apple TV. Grrr...
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Jun 20, 2011