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"Donna's words let me see that even when my reach exceeds my grasp, I may be getting a handle on some things in a way that's helpful." Yes, Deb. Yes, you certainly do. :) Best of luck with the research! Now I'm off to read through the first patterns and make plans for a whole winters worth of knitting. :)
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Many thanks for an excellent series on your process. It's great to see the tools and methods a role model uses (and comforting to see that the tools are all easily accessible, and in some cases, already in my possession). Also great to see the picture of the Jacob fleece. I have a gorgeous deep rich brown one, that is quite filthy (and appears to have belonged to a sheep who enjoyed bedding in burrs. Sigh.) I've been soaking it in small batches, but find "seeing" the grime remaining challenging, given the dark, rich tones. It's only after its dried that I can feel the grease left behind. Would this be a good "cold soak overnight" situation? Thanks again for the really useful posts!
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Great opener to a fascinating process. I use the bowl and colander method but will be hunting down some sifting cat boxes to use in future! Terrific idea. Thanks! (Really looking forward to the next parts. :) )
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Jul 27, 2013