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Joel Berger
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@Andy, those accessors are very different. There seems to be an under-current of people fighting for vanilla Perl objects. No fight necessary, use what is good for you, voo isn't going anywhere. that said once you love the Moo(se)* revolution, you might not want to go back :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2013 on Perl objects round up at oylenshpeegul's blog
the new features of cpanm are great, but we should find a way to release the new version to CPAN so people will know about it. Github has the fix, but most people will never know! Also the File::Temp warning surely comes from being in the directory at the end of the script. File::Temp tries to remove the temporary folder, but it can't because it is the current working directory. Adding `my $orig = getcwd;` near the top, and `chdir $orig;` near the end will fix the warning (and more importantly allow proper removal of the temporary directory).
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Mar 16, 2013