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Hello everybody! In the very last minutes of the contest I submitted some designs and I never expect to win first place. At this time I want to apologize for the misunderstanding and be clear that was never my intention to take advantage of someone else's design! I was announced as a winner but my design was pulled out because I've used scrappbooking elements on my composition. They were from Shabby Princess and I already apologized (and congratulated) to them! I'm new on digital scrappbooking and I DID NOT KNOW the rules. I used the elements because the short time I had left to create something and I ended up running as winner! I regret not doing a completely new and original design that I'm sure I have the talent for. Again, I apologize to Shabby Princess. You are the winner! Also, Congratulations to all the winners, and I specially loved Terri's design! Yours is the best of all for me! Congrats!
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