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My pleasure. Thank you for being just as awesome in real life as you are on the intertubes!
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Fascinating, I was just contemplating this concept yesterday! I believe in a combination of the two ideas. There are experts in any given area. Individuals who know a subject really well or are exceptionally talented at it. Take the architectural engineer Louis Sullivan (One of the fathers of the skyscraper) for example. If you took 200 people off the streets and asked them to design a skyscraper, you wouldn't get more than 20 feet off the ground. However, if you took 200 architectural engineers and asked them to design a skyscraper, you'll have a better skyscraper than Louis Sullivan could have dreamed. Francis Galton's experiment was flawed, in that he went to a gathering of people who were at least familiar, if not expertly acquainted, with the weight of an ox. Had 787 "city folk" guessed, the results would likely have varied wildly. You have to be careful with crowd logic. It can be a powerful tool, or a powerful adversary.
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Aug 5, 2010