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Happy New Year WW, to you and your family.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2011 on Happy Holiday Pinup at The Lasso of Truth
Her name is Megan Elizabeth and she has wonderful skin tone. I have a gallery of her photos up at but they are NSFW.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2010 on Weekend Pinup at The Lasso of Truth
I guess my family, which consisted of over 42 members in one city in Poland and ended up with 2 alive after the war made up the majority of the 200 or 300 dead Jews you imagine really died instead of 6 million. In 1939 there were 19 million Jews in the world. In 2009, after 70 years, there are again 19 million Jews in the world. Did we go from 13 million to 19 million in 7 decades or do you really believe we went from 18.9 Million to 19 million during those years?
I agree that our enemies are breeding faster than the rest of us, however, I believe that fewer but properly reared children will be able to better withstand the assault against us. There is no way Christians and Jews can match Muslim fertility so we need a better strategy. Properly reared children should naturally grow up intelligent, that is to say, those who will obviously gravitate toward libertarianism. If the American electorate were properly reared, Obama would not have been elected.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2009 on My Dearest Planck... at The Lasso of Truth
I'm surprised that your readers haven't seen all 13, I have seen the AFI top 100. (I'm 63 - does it show?). I notice I left off the link to my TT -
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Just FYI, I linked to your article from 13 Muslim Greeting Cards -
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2008 on Muslims v Movies at The Amboy Times
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I use a UPS at home and at work but that does not prevent computer freezes which also make one lose valuable, one-of-kind blogposts. So I keep a blogger account for the sole purpose of writing articles. Blogger has an autosave feature so that I am never at a loss for words. When I have finally proofed my spelling, checked my grammar, inserted my photos, clicked on outgoing links, verified my sources, and prettified the whitespaces in my article, then and only then do I copy and paste into Movable Type, my blogging platform. I keep the draft blogger article two days after MT has indeed published, just in case.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2008 on The Computer Ate My Blogpost at ShrinkWrapped
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Typepad won't take my trackbacks, I linked to your story from Jay R Grodner is an Idiot where I have a photo of Jay - what he really looks like.
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Before the media can influence Americans, they are taught in our school system to be politically correct zombies so afraid to be called racists or bigots that they close their eyes to the more than 7963 Muslim terror attacks since 9/11 worldwide. There are entire cities in Europe that local police fear to enter because it is ruled by Muslim thugs. It happened while they were watching. Sometimes the danger that the opposition represents is not exaggerated but often has the entire cob of truth to it.
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