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its a shame honestly!! it is very clear, when the southern cameroonians mouth have been oiled, they dont go and keep quite, instead they are the onse fighting their own brothers in the NW and SW provinces. you COWS!! killing and hurting the weak and innocents. are you not ashame? you keep quite infront of Biya encouraging his mischief eh! southern cameroon my foot!! what has the weak and poor in Buea and Bamenda done? there shall be no peace if it continues this way. i strongly agree there is no constitution in cameroon, it is long dead. there is no way a new nation of peace, equality, justice and wealth shall arise from the sacrifices going on now in cameroon abeg. because there have never been since i became a cameroonian. southern cameroon, wona get two face make wonna try repent abeg!! shame na wonna own if wonna continue for take bribe then wipe mouth because na only wonna go continue for hear hot.