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I think it's a great title for you next book. I would love to see the different examples of "Shit Shows" you would include. That term has actually been in my vocabulary for a while now. The one I really like from this post is "Failure Sucks But Instructs". This is so true and put so eloquently.
Very funny and interesting post. A boss giving himself employee of the month is a pretty ridiculous concept. It would definitely not lead to very happy employees.
I think agree that dehumanizing is not always a bad thing when being a boss. But, it should only be during certain situations. Like when though/cut throat business decisions need to be made. I boss who is dehumanizing his employees 100% of the time is a terrible boss. This is a very interesting study though.
I agree that one of the main concerns any boss has is worrying if his employees like him or not. I think any professional in a power position who is not in fact an "asshole" has this concern. Teachers deal with this issue a lot as well. But, good teachers in the long run want their students to learn rather than like them. Just as a good boss wants the company to run smoothly and jobs to get done, rather than for his employees to like him.
A "Thank you" is such a powerful thing. From the time we are taught it as children, to using it in a professional environment as a manager. It is often underestimated and overlooked. As Roche commented, "Followup thank you emails are also a must." This is so true and necessary, the same way that thank you cards are so important. Someone knowing (not hoping) that they were appreciated is moralizing and feels good. It is positive reinforcement that makes them want to continue the actions they received thanks for. I have first hand experience with this as an employee who often received thanks from my boss. I found it very empowering, knowing that my actions were not only recognized, but that they were appreciated. I wasn't quite able to pinpoint that at the time, but looking back at it now I can see how very true this is.
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Aug 29, 2010