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Pat Berry
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People like that remind me of Andrew Ketterley in C.S. Lewis's book "The Magician's Nephew." When Ketterley explains to his nephew Digory that he acquired the means to practice magic by opening a box that he had promised to destroy, Digory says, "Well, then, it was jolly rotten of you." Ketterley responds: "Rotten? Oh, I see. You mean that little boys ought to keep their promises. Very true: most right and proper, I'm sure, and I'm very glad you have been taught to do it. But of course you must understand that rules of that sort, however excellent they may be for little boys -- and servants -- and women -- and even people in general, can't possibly be expected to apply to profound students and great thinkers and sages. No, Digory. Men like me, who possess hidden wisdom, are freed from common rules just as we are cut off from common pleasures. Ours, my boy, is a high and lonely destiny." Digory is impressed by this for a moment, but then realizes what a fraud Ketterley is, and says to himself "All it means is that he thinks he can do anything he likes to get anything he wants."
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