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I'm an author, fitness enthusiast, reader, meditator, thinker and enjoy bringing a new "depth" to my passion of strength-training. I'm also the creator of the World's first performance fast-food, <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Full Strength</a>™</strong>
Interests: Combine the intense, logical, seeking mind of an engineer, a relentless drive for excellence, a passion for living strong, healthy and fit with what may well be the world’s greatest six-pack abs, and you’d either be creating a new super-hero character or have just spent an hour getting to know twenty-year fitness veteran, Shawn Phillips. <BR><BR> Separated by little more than a year in age, Shawn has worked along side his brother Bill Phillips for nearly two decades, from their early training days to the rise of EAS, the world’s leader in performance nutrition, culminating in the colossal success of Bill’s breakthrough Body for LIFE, which has gone on to sell nearly 4 million books. As a writer and respected industry expert in fitness and nutrition fields, Shawn has excelled in creating innovative transformation programs, many of which were created exclusively for numerous high profile celebrities and athletes while others have made even greater difference, impacting the lives of millions.
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Mar 15, 2010
I'm just sharing nice things about this brilliant post so I can test my comments and it's connection to Facebook... Shawn
Steve, Thanks for the kind words. Sure, love to share. Hit me on Twitter at @Shawn_Phillips or at... my email here. In Strength, Shawn
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Gravity: Friend and Foe at Full Strength LIFE
Peter, Thanks for the message! That's awesome! No worries man! All places are the right places to share this! Love that report... it's a classic... Will be digging one up! In Strength, Shawn
Mark, Thanks for the question... good one, really. Passion... how to find it? Well, there's the digging deep into what makes one tick... getting brutally real with yourself. That's one route but may be hard on your own for it's our own character strategy (how we've learned to survive) that keep us from knowing or tapping into your deepest passions. So another route would be through action. Motivation, which is not the same as passion but related, truly follows action. We so often wait for it to drive us when in fact motivation is found when we drive without it... first. Want passion... take action. Find things you love. Meditate, listen, journal, get in touch with nature, get out. Watch the sunset. Fall in love, again... with life. I think this is a great topic to explore... let's get into it. In Strength & Passion, Shawn
Great share John... you got that right. There's always a force working against you that you could have working for you. It's all about perspective and intent.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2009 on Gravity: Friend and Foe at Full Strength LIFE
Mike, thanks for your comments. I so often think I've already replied to these. My apologies. Ha... I appreciate your point and question. What I'm encouraging is not an object or item but a style of approach to living. One can expand, strive, reach for less...think and Leo... he's into Simplicity. That, for most is a's more of less. I believe that once you begin to rationalize, to say,"well, it's the game not the win that counts." you've lost. I get that there is joy in every journey but settling is a style, an approach that is counter to the life force itself. Settling even affects your satisfaction. Think of the car analogy. If you buy the Nissan because it's what you choose... if it's what you want, not what you settled for, you're in. If not, you're going to be left in a gap, suffering or longing. Same goes for food... if you want a cheeseburger but "settle" for a turkey wrap, you're in the gap, sacrificing needlessly. Want the turkey... choose with Strength! Hope that helps! In Strength, Shawn
Okay, Okay... Thanks Mr. Andy... Love that name. I think I got it. So, what you're saying is, "Make it work how you want and don't go running over to WP for no reason!" Good point! I've already got $5k in a freakin WP blog that's killing me... In Strength, Shawn
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