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Where's the vid? I can't find it, unfortunately.
I was in Latvia a while ago, too. And, I have to confess, it was really surprising that such a small country is so well-heeled in terms of the economy. Just consider this: the Latvian currency's rate against the Euro (or USD, for that matter,) is staggeringly high. Frankly, I wouldn't expect that of a post-Soviet country!
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on What I learned in Latvia at Dani Rodrik's weblog
You're absolutely right about the rural-food production relationship. Don't forget, though, in some countries this has changed recently. It's no longer the rural areas that produce food. Instead, it is mostly done by large companies and it is them, who profit a lot.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on Food prices and poverty at Dani Rodrik's weblog
Fine, don't forget though that the Dutch will never surpass Americans in terms of cultural impact over the world. And sometimes this is way more important, as you can go literally to every spot under the Sun and speak your mother tongue. I won't be so sure that the Dutch could enjoy that as well.
Well, if you look at it closely, most of the digital innovations have somehow been stolen. The one with fonts is no surprise, then. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 29, 2012