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Just think about the opportunity to be scouted at the world cup that is now lost. This team screwed up big time tonight
There was a total of 52 giveaways last night, with RSL having 30 of those. What an ugly game.
Funny that just a few days ago Ajax were looking for over 40 million euros for Suarez and they agree to 26. Looks like their debt just had to be paid off.
I wouldn't hold your breath.
I'm sure Arena can't wait to trade him next season for allocation money.
More importantly, MLS is streaming all of the combine games live on their website!
I understand that its fun to watch an American showcase his ability abroad, but what I don't understand is the logic that it is good for US Soccer. Don't we want our best players playing here in the States? In Donovan's case, don't we want our stars to be healthy and focused? Nobody is going to respect us if our best player breaks down halfway into the domestic season and trots around for 10 games. Anyways, good move for Dono and the league. Our season starts in 3 months.
lets forget for a moment Bowen's potential and just look at the fact that he didn't count against the cap or the roster because he was a homegrown player. WTF was Bruce thinking?
the league is going to have their hands full when over 500 portland fans drive up for the game and are expected to mix amongst the seattle fans. I guarantee after all of the problems they will have this year, that number will be expanded next season.
good move for LA and JPA, assuming they can bring his contract demands down a bit. Speed is going to be an issue with Buddle and JPA up top and only one speedy winger behind them. They should still be looking at some young attacking prospects.
A little birdie told me that a group has bought USL rights in San Diego. Neither the Flash nor Boca....
Stay. Why should we want America's best player to be playing all year long for 3 straight years? Also why do we want our best players to play abroad? Just to fulfill our selfish desires of seeing an American 'do well' in England? We should want our stars playing the game in our country. The man needs some rest.
Thanks. I didn't know if they took a break or not.
Also how about Paco Torres? Their season is over and he's looking to showcase his talents in this country to land an MLS team. I think this would be a perfect situation for him to turn some heads again.
Why not Dom Cervi from Celtic? Its not like there's any danger of him getting playing time in Scotland while the camp is going on... (SBI-He's been on the bench for them quite a bit so it seems unlikely, but if Celtic would release him I'm sure Bradley would call him in.)
I think I speak for everyone when I say that Findley has no business in a USA shirt ever again.
lol Ljungberg and Castillo.
No, Findley... yet he still gets called up by Bob.
don't worry, no way it'll sell out.
I'm a big LA fan too, but AJDLG Gonzo and Franklin all had terrible games last night. Perhaps camp cupcake will be an ok time to ease them into the international game and see if they could grow into that level of play.
A shame for us Galaxy fans, but the better team tonight won. One thing is for sure this season, the Galaxy are far from a tournament team. Disappointed in the Open Cup, CCL, and now the MLS playoffs. Winning the Shield is still nice though
No one likes us, we don't care. Go Galaxy. Tough luck everyone else.
love how Seattle fans and players said they were happy about being drawn with us. How happy are you now? ‎4 games. 4 wins. Final score. 10-2. Seattle loses.
I had heard from a mutual friend a few months back that this is indeed the situation that Landon wants to repeat. Loan to Everton and then back to LA. LA is his home, he won't leave permanently.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Donovan open to Everton return at Soccer By Ives
its a shame that despite the balanced schedule, we can't have a single table. The Galaxy will get punished for being the best team in the better division. Shouldn't the top seed in the league play the lowest seeded team in the playoffs? Time to do away with these conferences, especially when two more western teams enter next year.