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I still crane my neck to catch a glimpse of her English arbor when I drive by. I have a standing Canadian shopping list which includes Elderflower Presse bottled water first! For every gift bottle I buy, I get one for myself. Homecrafted elderberry schnapps shares such potent properties! Thanks for the intoxicating tale.
May all your cloutie wishes come to be!
(Insert ethereal voices here)! Rosemary is among the most comprehensive herbs available-thanks for illustrating its many benefits. Likewise, rosemary has as many cultural applications. Symbolizing "welcome", a ribbon bound sprig of rosemary(ruzmarin)is presented to wedding guests in Croatia. Hand-crafted rosemary schnapps is also customary. Rosemary a.k.a. "seadew" also represents prosperity, love-making and remembrance. Mine has continued to bloom all winter. Heaven!
Holy Green Goddess on a cracker! That's some recipe- you even make the list of ingredients sound seductive. My husband is blushing. Pink Hearts & Champagne Forever! OOOOOOOOOOO & XXXXXXXXX
Exquisite! How wonderful to inherit such Bohemian scrying traits. I'm so blessed to have shared this high tea ritual through out the years. My eyes weep in memory and twinkle with laughter with the deep secrets whispered over bottomless cups of seemingly endless tea...weaves the generations and cultures together. "Keeping up Appearances" clip is a nice touch. Well played! is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 30, 2010