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Bethany Lee
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That's what i get for not reading the LWA blog more often. I've been waiting to try to get in on the next RSVP mailing. Space!! I love space themes! Sorry I missed out on this one...
Succulents?!? Great idea, yes please!! Recently started propagating succulents and am avidly addicted!
Wow! Heavy-duty infograph. Very informative! Thanks for sharing.
So flippin' excited for these it's not even funny. I think my husband is tired of hearing me squeal and talk about them!
The countdown is on!! I'll be looking for you!
Handmade envies?!? Yes, please! Member #002205
Seems like Nicely Noted is a fun package to receive! I love that they send stamps along with the note cards! USS Friendship = love!
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Aug 29, 2013