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Beth Wankel
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I do almost all of my shopping at Trader Joe's. It was really hard at first, and I found myself running all over town supplementing my list. But after a while, I got a handle on what the have, and what they don't have, and I've been able to adapt my list of Regular Meals accordingly. If there's something I'm desperate for that they don't have, I will dare step foot in a Safeway, or our awesome little local market. I'm also not super keen on all of the Trader Joe's produce (some of it is just fine, but some of it, ahem, TOMATOES, just sucks) so I will hit up a farmer's market if I am able. We have a Costco membership, but I don't go that often. It is GREAT for basics that we're constantly buying (toilet paper, peanut butter, cat litter, canned goods) but I find that buying a lot of the food in bulk is a recipe for making me hate that particular food. And anything perishable just isn't worth it. We don't have the space to store a lot of perishables and they just go bad. I stay pretty much in our "budget", but I do feel like I'm still spending more than I should be.
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Ouch, WTF.
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