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Bethypoo Rohman
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Bethypoo Rohman is now following Michelle Patterson
Apr 20, 2010
OH MY GOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love you so much! HAHAAHA! Oh yeah...that's all I have to say
Right on sista! Michelle I am so proud of you...and just FYI, if walking 3 days straight is more than you had done before, that's a success not a failure. YOU are a success, diarrhea and all! Also...this is diet related...Paul and I are encouraged by Bovees raw challenge and intend on adding more foods of the raw variety into our diets, starting with snackish things...just to get the extra nutrients and to help stay away from the crap that is killing us. As we experiment we can pass along more than green smoothies that may help with getting rid of the dairy etc...maybe we could have a little recipe exchange day with the Bove or something. Okay...big love to you...enjoy your walk!! Your body is thanking you already! Here's to being good to YOU! Cheers!!!
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Jan 10, 2010
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Jan 10, 2010