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Cambridge, MA 02138
Retired from Information Services, never from Grandmothering.
Interests: music, ruby, beckett, travel, noah, julian, darrow, theater, reading fiction
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I was at that "super secret" location and therefore, lucky enough to hear Rabbit! I represent (yes, I must admit it) the senior citizen group, and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this energetic, upbeat, amusing musical group. And I've been around long enough to have heard a lot of music, both good and bad. When I say something reminds me of the Beatles and Queen, I mean that as a big compliment. (By the way, J.S.Bach and the Continuos were the first band I followed when I was just a tween.)
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How nice to see your post and pictures, even one with his happy aunt.
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Aug 26, 2010
Just saw Travie McCoy on THE VIEW (grandmothers watch that kind of thing) and I wondered why he sounded so familiar. Then I found your Indie Rock Kid Post from so long ago. I guess BILLIONAIRE which you wrote about in March is now a big summer hit since it is now July. Good call, Noah.
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You never seem to gr-apple for words. You must apple-y yourself when you have something to say. Apple-ause for Indie Rock Kid. Pip Pip Hurray!
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