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Betsy Veldman
I'm a wife, a scrapbooker and SAHM to three super kids.
Interests: stamping, reading, scrapbooking, sewing, being a mom, quilting, papercrafting
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Hi Linda! Start with the more solid stamp and a lighter shade of ink. Then stamp the less-solid image in a darker color. I hope that helps!
Hi Sandra! I've gotten a few emails with people having trouble and the issue comes down to that there are two different sign ups on the blog, one for the newsletter, which is different than the sign up for receiving the blog posts via email. I just checked both lists and your email is subscribed to the Newsletter list (I haven't sent anything out yet via that list, which is why you haven't received any emails). You are NOT on the blog subscription list. To sign up to get the blog posts via email, you'll need to enter your email address into the form that's in the sidebar when you're viewing any post on the blog. (then follow through with the "confirm subscription" email that you'll receive after sign up). I hope that helps clear things up! :-)
Oh my goodness yes! I remember that day. LOL! Oh, what fun. I miss you, sweet friend!
I'm not giving away the sets that I actually use, but I have multiple sets of all of my designs new in their packages and thought it would be fun to give some away!
Just go for it! One idea would be to get a sketchbook and just let yourself play - no pressure!
Don't give up! It takes some practice to learn how watercolor has a mind of its own and how to manipulate it to get the results you want. I'm just learning too and feel like I've barely scratched the surface!
I have not done this with adults, just with my girls' group - I have the 6th grade group this year. I bet adults would enjoy it too though! Would be a fun and interesting twist on the whole painting party concept that's popular around here!
The girls DID have fun painting their galaxies! It was fun to see them all together in the end and how they were all so different from eachother. Very fun project for us to do!
Hey Steph! The tape I used was just washi tape, which is what I usually use around the edges of my paper when I watercolor, but you could definitely just use painter's tape too! Just maybe give it a test to make sure it won't rip the paper when you peel it off.
Hi Laura! Yes, certainly! That acorn/leaf die is from the Shape Shifter collection of dies. Each Shape Shifter die set comes with three dies that are wired together -- an inner pattern, a border, and and outer frame. You can certainly leave them all together and use as is, but they are really meant to be snipped apart (just using a wire snipper) so that the three different dies can be used individually (I used just the center pattern portion alone on that card you asked about) or mixed and matched. You can mix and match the different dies from each set with the other dies of the same shape across the whole line of Shape Shifter dies. So for example, there are four different Shape Shifter Circle die sets - you can mix and match all of the various pieces from each set with any of the other circle sets. This gives you lots of design options!! I hope that helps!
Hi Stephanie! I just used the embossing pad kit with the die and adjusted my sandwich, of course. I just did some wet-on-wet watercoloring over the embossed hearts, and then used the embossed lines as a guide for adding some shading and pen details. I hope that helps!
I saw them in the Papertrey gallery! So cute - this kit was perfect for that idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
Hi Regina - I don't have any sort of access to order info or the ordering system. You'll have to contact Papertrey's customer service at
Hi Lisa - Sorry to say, the Tinsel & Tags kit was released 4 years ago and is no longer available. I do a holiday kit every year. This year's is available for pre-order here: Last year's kit is also still available and you can find that one here:
Hi Sandra! You don't have to have an instagram account to view my video on Instagram. Just click on the link and it will take you to my feed where you'll be able to see the video. You just won't be able to comment or "like" there if you don't have an account. Hope that helps!
HI Stephanie! Thank you for your always kind comments! You can find my instagram page here: or you can always click on the little Instagram icon (the little camera) in the upper right corner of the header at the top of my blog. Enjoy!! :-)
Net - I did not re-use my excess powder. It's very fine and would be pretty difficult to get back into the package, although if you put them in something different than the small ziplock bags they come in you might be able to do it. I just tried not to use too much excess - a little of these goes a long way! There's just a small amount in each packet, but I can't imagine how long it would take to use up a color completely when using this way with stamping.
Karen - I have been heat setting my images before I brush off the excess powder. You probably wouldn't have to, but I find I get better coverage with the powders if I heat set them. Waiting a bit for the glue to dry completely would probably have the same effect, but I'm impatient, so I bring out the heat gun. :-)
Steph - thank you so much for all of your kind words - you're always such an encouragement!! :-)
Colleen - the Salt Air: Flora dies are open, with the exception of the taller, more delicate grass, and the chunkier coral as those both has interior cut-outs, therefore the die must be solid. As for the Fauna set, they are all open dies. I hope that answers your question!
Hi Kimberly! Yes, the Xyron coats the whole back with a layer or adhesive -- it makes it like a sticker.
I did a short video here: