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I don't understand why the GOP won't move to impeach, or why SCOTUS won't do their job with the court cases against the Manchurian Resident. I guess the GOP doesn't have the GOP votes, without the Senate. But there's something incredibly disturbing about Boehner and crew not broaching it, as they watch IslamObama literally burn America to the ground. Maybe the IslamObama Regime is blackmailing all of the GOP reps or something. I wouldn't put it past them to threaten to murder their families if they try to stop the IslamObama agenda. These people...IslamObama and the criminal Communist Party U.S.S.A. are the scariest bunch of America hating scum I have ever seen in my life. How can anyone, even a brain dead liberal, support this?
It's such a buzz-kill to think that even after Tuesday night's "shellacking" that we have 2 more years of this America hating POS...Ughhhh....
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on Obama in India, I kid you not at Atlas Shrugs
Hell Yeah I'm With You! I'm ready to start hunting RINOS, picking off the idiots that we missed this time, in 2012 (Barney Frank) and making sure that we the people NEVER, EVER, EVER let this happen again. Three years ago now, when we started making our documentary, we ALL warned everyone about Obama. People were DARE WE not fall in line for Jesus Christ Lord Savior Obama. LMFAO. Well, how's that Messiah thing working out for you paupers in our brand, new, shiny BANANA REPUBLIC? I have two words for Obama: "We Won." Oh, two more..."Step Down."
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2010 on Now What? at Atlas Shrugs
Thank you Pamela. I'm so proud and honored that you shared this. I produced it and it has been a two year labor of love. I hope I don't see any shameful politicizing of this. My partners were all Democrats, but I am a Republican for life. I wouldn't have voted for Hillary, but I respected her. She deserved a fair election, which she didn't get. What you are seeing is the tiny tip of the iceberg of what REALLY happened. I guess I don't have to tell anyone here that Obama's "administration" is nothing but a crime machine. I was talking to Kevin, who is in the film above, yesterday. We talked for two long hours about how much incredible pain and heartache what we saw caused us. I haven't slept for two years, knowing what I know about Obama and what has been done to this country. We made this film with our own money, sweat and tears. Not because we are Democrats or Republicans, but because we are Americans. I pray that more people pay attention to this. The exposure we have gotten already has been wonderful and the amazing people from all over sent donations for us to finish the film. God bless the people of America. We WILL win the war against the criminals in the White House and CONgress. Please do one thing if you can..Fox and Friends will continue this as a series for maybe 6-8 weeks. Please email Fox and Friends at [email protected] and tell them you want to see more of the story. Thanks.
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Jul 11, 2010