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San Francisco, California
Who is a financier and what does he do. In the classical sense, a financier is a person who owns and manages a large fortune, and also has his own interests in different sectors of the economy. Such a Warren Buffett or George Soros. But financiers are not only called those who have earned billions on Wall Street, but also financial workers who manage the money of different companies on a daily basis. What is also good for earning a living. Financiers are specialists who carry out large financial transactions on a legitimate basis, are responsible for the distribution of cash flows in the company and for the investment of working capital. These are financial managers, CFOs, analysts, financial planners and other specialists in whose hands are the money of various organizations. Financiers are not accountants or economists. If an economist analyzes indicators and plans budgets, an accountant calculates salaries and is responsible for the timely payment of all taxes and contributions. That financier influences the fate of the entire company. It is he who decides where to invest the company's money in order to increase it and take the business to a new level. Most often, financiers work in investment funds, in financial and economic services, in banks and stock exchanges. There, their responsibilities include lending, drawing up financial models, estimates, investment projects, conducting exchange and trading operations, and financial analysis of reporting. The field of activity may include the introduction of new banking products and brokerage services.
Interests: My main hobby is music and books.
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