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Sanders and his handful of dead-enders are overplaying their hand. They're not as crucial to the American Left coalition as they think they are. They can either get on board and help fight the right-wing wolves at our door or go sit in their corner, pretend that everyone else is evil, join up with right-socialist bigots, or do whatever the hell they want. We don't need them or their crap.
Democrats won't have to do a damned thing for Bernie. With each passing day, his sore-loser antics make him look increasingly foolish and UNpresidential. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Robert Reich, ALL of the media (except for The Young Turks and USUncut), and about 75% of Bernie's voters have acknowledged Clinton's decisive wins/imminent nomination, and they are focusing on the upcoming fight with the GOP. Bernie and his diminishing group of sore losers are losing their imagined leverage every day that passes without Bernie's sincere endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Bernie is completely burnt. We don't have to worry about him any more.
Bernie's opportunity to get revenge while serving in the Senate (Ted Cruz style) may be cut short. In 2018 he'll have a primary challenger who's a master organizer. I'll be contributing to this challenger's campaign. ;-)
Toggle Commented May 22, 2016 on Bernie's grudge gets deeper at P.M. Carpenter
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Jan 25, 2012