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Bev Alexander
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I've had one of the Cusinart Green Gourmet pans for more than a year. Still looks great, works great. I also tried the pans they sell on TV: the Todd English GreenPan. I've had two of those for a year. I like them because they are MUCH lighter in weight than the Cuisinart, but not flimsy. The ceramic non-stick is good, but more prone to stick than the Cuisinart. I'm content with both. I wish Ann Esselstyn would write a whole cookbook! I love her recipes. One last thing - last but not least. My blood pressure seems to be intransigent! I can get the cholesterol below 150, but the bp still goes to 140s to 160s systolic. I want to get off that medication! Any ideas? Do some people just run hot? (I confess that I'm not always perfect on this diet, but you'd think if cholesterol was low...?)
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Aug 17, 2010