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I to am like Luci. I seem to have a blockage at points when I try to Visualize. I need to say that Several yrs ago I was able to Visualize Quite well. And watched my efforts Manifest as I had seen. But I was seperated and Distraught at the time I began this. A reader I had contact with. Gave me a Specific picture to visualize with all concerned in this Picture. She had me Visualize the House my Husband was living in, with a Different woman. Going up & up into the Clouds and Vanishing. And my Husband and I back together, looking at the Empty space the House had been with Joy in our Hearts. I did this repeatedly and Very Vividly. Until..... a Tornado came through our city where we live. And Low and behold. The Other Womans House was 1 of the First ones hit. And Vanished into the air leaving only the Foundation it was once built on. I Thank God over and over, No Harm came to Anyone. As they escaped before it hit. But ever since that happened. I have never been able to Visualize or manifest Since. I believe I feel Guilty somehow for this happening. And I run into So many Distractions and roadblocks now. I can't seem to Focus or Quiet my mind long enough to hold a Picture of Anything. And with Some Problems from Health and Emotional issues with my Partner now. God only knows , How badly I Need to visualize and create something better. Can Someone Help me understand and get Past this Blockage? So I can do what I Know my mind can do when it is in a Healthier state? How do I Overcome this?
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Mar 13, 2010