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The last section of the video (he drives a bus on weekends) is shot in Los Angeles. You can see the BPOE sign on Bunker Hill clearly with the observation tower at Angel's Flight from the top of the hill.
I use this station pretty regularly. I think it is one of the nicer ones in the system, especially on platform level, where the station design is very sleek and simple. It was used as the set for the subway station in the filem Minority Report because it looks likely to hold up in the future (2080 in Washington DC, to be precise). I have been told that the wacky station canopy is a direct copy (rip-off?) of a station in Tokyo but I do not know where.
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Nancy- I had a great time with you that evening, and thank you for the nice report. I'l have to get you a better photo, however :-)
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Apr 2, 2010