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Mother of 3 little girls, wife to a man outnumbered
Interests: I love it when my microwave is CLEAN--which it rarley is. I hate stepping in water with my socks on I love See's candy and I'm REALLY bummed that the store in our mall just closed last week--I've resorted to mint truffles from Harry and David--yum! I
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Yep, and that combined with the fact that I was tired of people stealing my ideas and the big wigs being OK with fact the big wigs being GUILTY of that, is why I can't remember the last time I scrapbooked. The secret, never discussed side of this industry is the ugly, competitive, crush you down women and men that never get talked about.
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OK Arch...I'm assuming you're in St. Louis. PLEASE go to St. Louis Bread Company! There's one within a mile or two of another. If they have Chicken chili--GET IT! (With a sourdough roll--that part's important) Another favorite...pumpkin muffins or pumpkin muffies. OHHHHH I LOOOOVVVVEEEE St. Louis Bread Company! And if you need an AWESOME place to take photos you can go to my old house. (I can give you directions) we lived in a guest house on 6 acres in a house that was a chicken coop in WWII. The main house is over 100 years old---I loved that place! Completely hidden from the main street...many times I'd wished we hadn't left.
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WOW they look great! I saw the challenges on Ronna's blog too...I need to do that! Your b-day's in Feb? Alexa's b-day is the 1st Brinley's is the 2nd and Nate's is the 26th. It's CRAZY!!
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LOVE the simplify goal!! Right there with you! OK I'm jealous about the beach pictures...I'll trade my snow for your beach any day! I LOVE taking pictures at the's so natural, so beautiful, backgrounds are just there, rugged, textured, gorgeous. The light is almost ALWAYS great! have a beach! The last time I took beach pictures was almost 4 years ago...before I had digital.
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I LOVE it!!! Very cool. I can't imagine the nerve it took to take off that much! You are BRAVE!!!! And look how awesome it looks! Good for you! You LOOK 10 pounds lighter! Yeah for you
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Crocs are the best and they originated about 20 minutes from my house! We've had them here in CO for about 4 years. They were first designed for boaters since the material is great around water. They're great for kids too but unfortunately still cost $30 for kids! A word of warning about going up and down the stairs though...they easily catch on the steps and can trip you up.
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