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The irony is, the way some women dress going out to clubs probably show more boob than you do when you nurse, and you don't see them being arrested or harassed in any way. Where's the line? If you see nipple (a la Janet Jackson) or is it when they aren't on display for men's pleasure?
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So sorry to hear about Daisy. When I was in grad school my first cat died suddenly when I was out of town visiting family. He was only six and had been fine at the vet the week before when he had his yearly exam. I've felt horrible that I wasn't there with him when he died. There's no way you could have known what would happen with Daisy. You made the best decision at the time with the information that you had. And while it hurts that you weren't there, you know that you gave her a great life.
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On Doctor Who, I'd have her watch "School Reunion." It's not the best episode by far, but if you can't hook her in to at least watching more with the look that Tennant's Doctor gives Sarah Jane the first time he sees her, then she's a lost cause. And I've only been watching Who since the reboot, so there's no nostalgia for Sarah Jane factored in there. He just melts you in that scene. The boyo and I are both geeks, though not in the same way. He's more of a D&D, video game, board game kind of geek and I'm more a sci-fi/fantasy tv/books geek. So we make fun of each other. I'll often give him the loser-sign on my forehead as he's walking out to his twice-weekly D&D game, and he makes fun of me for bursting into tears in the movie theater the first time the camera panned around to show the Enterprise in the recent remake of Star Trek. I've got him watching DS9 with me, but it was the reruns of original Trek that hooked me in back when I was a kid and so that show is my fandom. I can't get him to watch that one with me though, the effects and the slower pacing bug him, given that right about the time I was getting into original Trek he was being born. ;)
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Sarah, I've struggled with when to post this, and how, because to delve into specifics this would need to be an e-mail not a post, and I don't actually know you, but your birthday seems a good time to finally get around to saying this. Thank you. Thank you for your blog. And your honesty. And your humor. I went through, well, the suckiest point in my life at the beginning of this year after enduring what had already been a really sucky 2010. I was going through something that at the time I couldn't really share with a lot of my friends, and through following you on twitter I found your blog. At a time when I was really sad and felt really alone, I went back through the archives and read every single one of your posts. You kept me company during a really rough patch. You made me laugh. You made me cry. And you made me feel a little less alone. I imagine a lot of the time making the choice to be completely honest here on your blog is a difficult one for you. I hope you know that it's appreciated. My dad always says that people reap what they sow. You've put good out into the world, I'm sure that will come back to you. Thank you again. And Happy Birthday.
Shows that are DVR'd do count in the ratings, though not as much as if you sat down to watch it live. The ratings now not only do the ratings based on who watched it live, but also those who DVR'd it and watched it later, up to 7 days, which are considered the live +7 ratings. So if you watch a show on your DVR within the first seven days after it aired, it counts towards the ratings. If you watch it two weeks later, it doesn't. And even those counted don't count for as much, because folks fast-forward through the commercials on DVRs. So the advertisers don't feel they really count. Even though studies have shown that people who do that still know what the commercials were for and about.
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If you have Netflix, the first three seasons are available on Instant Streaming. I think both Hulu and Sci-Fi (sorry, I won't do the new spelling either) have the episodes on their site, though I know the last two weren't available yet for free, so I paid and downloaded them from Amazon VOD.
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Ed, The Big Bang Theory has an experimental particle physicist, David Saltzberg from UCLA, who not only vets all of the science in the scripts, but is actually present on stage during the show tapings (and does all the equations on the white boards you see in the guys apartment). So there's less chance that an error like this will occur because David has multiple opportunities to catch mistakes. Plus co-creator Bill Prady is a bit of a science geek himself, so he also notices errors. While I'm sure Eureka must have a science consultant, I don't know that it's someone on set making sure everything stays accurate. More likely it's someone they consult during the writing process who then reads a draft of the script. While I totally understand how something like this bugs when it's your field, understand that tv scripts go through so many changes and rewrites at various points that sometimes errors like this slip through despite everyone's best intentions.
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Steph, Fred Savage is actually very cool as well. I worked on a show with him a few years ago and he's good friends with a writer I know. From everything I know, a good guy and still worthy of your childhood crush. :) B.
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Wil, if it makes you feel any better, most of those people were most likely not fans (not even crazy ones), but professional autograph hounds. They are rude and obnoxious and you shouldn't spend one second feeling guilty that you walked away from them without signing. I've volunteered for the Paley Festival here in L.A. for ten years now, and I know most of those folks by sight because they show up for every event with stacks of pictures to get signed to sell. I hate those people. For exactly the reason you point out above. Fans getting autographs isn't about getting an autograph, it's about the interaction. And those people take away the time and opportunity for genuine fans to have that moment. And by stalking people like they did to you, they make actors less willing to do autographs at all. I actually wish more actors would do what you did and not validate their behavior. Bravo.
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As someone who has attended a lot of cons over the years, and been to a lot of panel events with actors both as a fan, as a volunteer, and as someone who has worked in television, I'd like to add that, if there's a Q&A, please, Please, PLEASE, for the love of God, ask a QUESTION. Yes, you love the show/writer/actor. We all do. It's why we're all sitting here. It's why we all paid money and stood in line like you did. So what we'd like to do in whatever limited time there is for the Q&A is listen to the person (or people) we all love speak. Not you taking five minutes to go on and on about everything you love about the show/writer/actor, denying other folks a chance to interact with them. Seriously, if I can stand in Leonard Nimoy's house, ON MY BIRTHDAY, and not turn into a complete blubbering idiot about how much I love Spock and how I was a member of the Leonard Nimoy Fan Club when I was twelve, then you can control yourself for a minute with a microphone (It was, by far, the highlight of my two years working on Big Bang though. No offense, Wil.) Also, saying "I love you/your show/your character" really gives the object of your admiration not much of a response beyond saying "Thank you." Ask a question, and chances are they'll spend a good portion of the time they answer it looking at you. You'll get more from the exchange and so will the rest of the audience. It's a win/win situation.
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I'd love to know what everyone's theory is on why Howard always wears that little alien pin.
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