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I'm Barbara, stay at home mom to two little kiddos. Like so many moms, I love making toys and clothes for my children. In a former life I was a drafter and something of a computer nerd. I now enjoy combining that background with my love of crafting to create high quality, computer drafted patterns which I sell in my pattern shop here and on etsy. Enjoy and check back often; I'm always working on something new.
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Feb 21, 2012
Thank you for this. I've been so solidly in the tank, farty, for (at least) a week now. It was so nice to read this and feel (for a bit) neither alone or crazy. Thanks again, Barb
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First of all, thank you! I hadn't even heard of this OUAT until I saw your first post about it. So now I've watched all available episodes on HULU and am addicted. I've actually started watching them over to see what I missed. I don't know if I'm missing something but I came away with the idea that the "lost love" of the EQ/Regina (like when Regina is talking to Katherine in the kitchen at the party and says something like "there is no getting him back") was her son, not a lover. I thought that was why she so badly wanted a child & had Mr. Gold get her a new son (Henry). Did I miss something that makes it clear that her love was a man/romantic love? Also, in the scene with Malificent, EQ & Malificent talk about how the EQ was Snow White's age when SW ruined the EQ's life. I would think that would make SW a young child when whatever happened happened? I also think that it is possible that SW didn't actually do anything to ruin the EQ's life (other than being born or simply existing) but the EQ blames her anyway. I know that SW tells PC that she did ruin the EQ's life but it doesn't mean she meant too or believes that she is at fault for it, right? Going with my "son theory" I think it's possible that the EQ blames SW for whatever happened to her son. Can't wait for the next episode! - Barbara
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I've been considering something similar for a long time now (although I'm still hung up on a life without bread not being worth living :). But as I'm the sole cook in our family and we have two little ones whose dietary choices seem to diminish daily ("I don't like that anymore, Mom, I only liked that when I was a baby!") it seems like a challenge far out of reach. I would love to know how you handle that aspect, if you have picky eaters among you! My biggest dietary undertaking was when my first child was six weeks old and I went on a complete elimination diet (because she cried all.the.time and NEVER slept) to the point where chicken, brown rice and zucchini were all I ate! It made a difference in my daughter but I was so starving that I think it traumatized me for trying anything similar in the future.
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So sweet! I love her expression! - Barbara
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Jul 7, 2011
Wonderful post, I love all the bee jargon in there, even though I have no idea what you're talking about (top-bar what?)! And, how is it that you can get me choked up even when you're writing about bees? Thank you, I love visiting this space everyday. My best to your nucs and Maine-borne queen (that just sounds so great). Barbara
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Lovely finds! I'm addicted to buy bias tape and zippers at thrift stores; I get excited all out of proportion when I find some :) Caution on old embroidery floss though, test it first! I bought a bag full once only to have it bleed permanently once the finished project was washed. - Barb
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What a great photo! My mom so wants bees (and I so want the honey!) Good luck with yours! - Barbara Here's my moment:
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So cute! I can't wait to see it in person in a few minutes! love, Barb
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What a lovely passage, I love Madeline L'Engle. And I just posted this ( before visiting, which kind of answers your second question. Basically, I have no space of my own make a giant mess in order to get anything done :) For me, creativity took a lot of courage (or at least I procrastinated a lot out of fear) when I had a lot of time (before kids) now that my time is filled with so many other things, I don't have time to dither, I just do! And I've got about sixteen works in progress (as always) but have most recently worked on my rag rug ( - Barb
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The hardest thing for me to talk to my husband about is needing more time to myself. I feel like I anticipate his needs and he waits for me to say, "I need this now." If I have a really rough week with the kids and he knows that I want him to make the mental leap to me needing sometime to myself. But it is really hard for me to ask. - Barb
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Just visiting, but had to reply. I know exactly how you feel. It can be hard for me to say when I need to stop caring for everyone else and make it clear that I need help for myself. I feel like I don't get sick days, and my husband always says, "well, you didn't act sick." Yeah, because somebody has to feed the kids, etc.
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So sweet! For awhile my twenty-month old was saying, "Thank you, welc" (thank you, you're welcome) whenever I gave him anything...made my heart swell each time. And I just have to say, love, love the rug. Beautiful. -Barb
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Nice job, looks beautiful! I sew a lot and embroider a bit...for some reason my stitches are never even (size wise) when I stitch by hand. But I love, love the look of embroidery so I always end up going back to it. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog & commented,this is my first time here, but I just have to say I love your site. Just spent the last half an hour reading about cloth wipes (your posts and the comments). So informative and humorous. Off to read about washing your face in oil... Thanks, Barb
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So sweet! And I love Harper's hair! - Barb here's mine:
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Love it! And the banner picture & all of you! Can't wait for more. xo, Barb
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I'm now offering completed felt doll sets made of 100% wool felt. They're available in my etsy shop! Buy two or more patterns at the same time to automatically receive a %10 discount. Click on any pattern to view description and additional pictures. pack-up backpack $6.00 rock collecting skirt $6.00... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2011 at shop
oh, what a beautiful picture! i'm glad you guys are getting some sun! sunlight on sweet baby skin...lovely :) - Barbara
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Jun 9, 2011
So sweet. I love how peaceful little ones look when they're asleep. Thanks for sharing, Barb here's mine:
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Such a peaceful photo, thanks for sharing. We had a hammock for our Ezra and loved it. - Barb here's mine:
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May 31, 2011