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So to all you ford truck lovers out there. GM has been the innovater in the pick up market and ford has copied many, many of GM'S innovations and designs. Oh, that's right, ford did invent the "man step" for their pickup buyers. now that is innovation man. My point is, every time anything related to GM. Ford lovers, fans, have to find fault with it and tear it down no matter what it is. In their minds, ford is the best in everything. Of course we all know that's not true. If you love ford so much buy one. But leave the rest of us alone that don't think that ford is the best for them
Once again, the idiots come out in droves every time GM comes out with anything. The morons will say, well gm trucks just aren't know for durability. or it's way over priced or there late to the party. blah, blah, blah blah, blah! What a bunch of cry baby whiners from the ford and dodge camps. talk about copying someone's ideas. GM was the first to offer a "off road package with the Z-71, tow haul mode, independent front suspension, locking rear differential. active fuel management, just to name a few. Oh, that's right, ford invented the "man step" wow, that is innovative I'll tell ya. you ford and dodge people never have anything good to say about GM. what a bucnch of losers.
It never ceases to amaze me that when GM comes out with something, there are plenty of people to find fault with it or say things like, " they copied ford and dodge" The GMC All Terrain HD Concept is definitely better looking than fords raptor or dodges power wagon. I am positive this concept will some day be offered to the buying public. How much they change this concept is anyone's guess. To all the nay sayers out there, competition is good for the buying public and only makes the others improve their product. And anyone who thinks GM will drop Chevrolet's trucks and make just the GMC brand are complete morons. If GM were to make just one truck brand, it would be Chevrolet and not GMC. I guarantee you that. No worries, GM doesn't plan on dropping either brand.
What do ford fans like Frank and Lou do when their favorite truck, the superduty gets beat by the trucks from GM? Why they cry like a baby and make up excuses as to why the ford was beat. They said things like, wait until the 400hp and 800 lbs ot torque comes out. Well, after the Mighty Durmax easily defeated the powerstroke, they said things like bailout, bankruptcy, best selling truck, reliablity, better looking truck etc, etc, etc, Frank and Lou remind me of Jack Nicholson's quote, you can't handle the truth! GM won the shootout and Motor Trends Pickup Truck of The Year. Frank and Lou are poor losers and can't stand getting beat by GM. Accept reality Frank and Lou, the truth will set you free. have a nice day now.
Frank, the Mighty Duramax destroyed the powerstroke in the Colorado Rockies and beat the powerstroke by more than 11 miles per hour! Then on the downhill part of the test the exhaust brake on the Duramax worked flawlessly and the drive only tapped the brakes twice on the descent. The powerstrokes exhaust brake worked like it didn't have a exhaust brake at all. The brakes were even smoking and very hot at the finish. The Duramax is the better diesel and will do a better job of pulling what ever you need to pull. Those are facts! have a nice day now and realize the powerstroke was beat by the Duramax. Stop making excuses and accept defeat frank. GM won and ford lost!
Excuses, excues is what I read from the ford fans here. They can't stand losing to GM in any contest, shootout or pulling contest. So, they talk about resale value, best selling vehicle, or real world results. Fact is, the duramax is the proven Diesel here and Ford is the diesel with the reliablity problems. The 6,7 liter powerstroke is Fords first engine designed by ford and is unproven. The duramax has 10 years of reliability. Motor Trend and explained the reasons they picked the GM trucks to win the Truck of the Year and shootout. Ford fans don't want facts to get in the way, they insist ford is the best no matter the evidence to the contrary. GM won the shootout and Motor Trend Truck of The Year! GM won and Ford lost. Those are facts and no excuses by the ford fans will change that. Great job GM. I love it!!!
Hay tucker, with posts like yours, I guarantee your a young punk that doesn't know anything but thinks he does. Just because ford owns 50% of the market, doesn't mean the superduty is better looking. You can't handle losing to GM and Chevy so your trying to make yourself feel better with jibberish. GM won and ford lost. get over it and deal with that reality.
No Oxi, the only thing manipulated here is your brain. the govt is not manipulating theses tests or Motor Trends review. So stop with the conspiracy theories. take the fact GM won and ford lost. have a nice day now.
I have a idea, let's pit the Mighty Duramax against fords eco boost and see who wins. This should be a fair fight because the Duramax doesn't have twin turbo's like the ecoboost has. My money is on the Duramax.
Yes, Yes, Yes, and He double L Yes! Take that all you ford lovers. Ford can boast all they want on horsepower, torque and payload capacities, but the Silverado and the Mighty Duramax Diesel reign supreme and beat fords powerstroke. Yea, I know ford still is the sales champ and owns 40% of the heavy duty market. That is why GM had to step up their game and make the Silverado HD even more capable. I am sure GM will increase their market share in the HD market. Silverado Heavy Duty, "Motor Trend Truck of The Year"!!!!!
So what if GM took a govt loan to stay in business. do you think ford wouldn't have done the same thing to stay in business if they had to. Or are you going to say ford wouldn't have taken a loan and would have gone out of business first and left thousands of employees out of a job. Chrysler also took a loan to stay in business and I don't hear you ford lovers bashing them. Chrysler was bailed out in the 80's and paid the loan back. Harley Davidson was bailed out in the 80's when the govt. put tarrifs on any bike from over seas that was over 700 cc's. So to all you self righteous people bitching about GM taking a loan to save jobs get over it. What you want them to do, go out of business. Yea, that would do wonders for the country and affected millions of people across the country. The govt. also loaned the banks millions and billions to stay afloat. I don't see you ragging on the govt for that. For the record GM is paying the govt back and it was in the country's best interest to keep GM and Chrysler in business and not let the economy go into a tailspin.
Hay Jack, you just posted the most ignorant post of the year on this site. So your under the belief that the Republican party wants everyone making 8 bucks and hour and only cares about the rich people. Rush Limbaugh does make millions of dollars per year. He is the most listened to radio talk show host in the history of Radio. He earns his money every day and millions of people listen to him. For the record, Rush Limbaugh is for free open makets and doesn't like the govt dictating what cars or trucks we drive or forcing us to buy the govt health care plan. Rush is for less got, lower taxes and people having control over their own lives. He is a true conservative and he would be a lot better president than the socialist we have now.
Hay to all the ford fans here who constantly have to bash GM about anything under the sun. News flash, we get it, you like ford good for you. despite all the bashing of GM there are plenty of people that love GM and the products it produces. Despite all the bashing about the intieors, bankruptcy, bail out bashing. The Silverado continues to sell the second most amount of trucks behind the f-series. Every topic related to a GM product or announcement and the ford fans come running to tear it down, whine, complain and genneraly bash GM. Does this happen when ford comes out with something on their trucks. No. The GM people are happy with their vehicles and don't need to constantly bash ford every time they bring a product to market. I don't hate ford, but ford fans sure seem to hate anything related to GM.
The GMC Denali's are "All Wheel Drive" trucks and the Silverado ( what ever they call the new luxury model will not be all wheel drive. So to every single poster here that doesn't like this move or thinks that it is GMC'S role to have the Denali I say who made you judge and jury??? You want a GMC, then buy one. I think it's a smart move on GM'S part and I am sure they will be customers willing to pay for something not everyone else has.
Boy Lou, you really got me there with your "plastic interior" comment. Every fricken time GM comes out with something, you ford fan boys have to try and tear it apart. I like the interiors on the gm trucks regardless of what you or others think. Is it time for a upgrade? Yes, and I am sure that when they do redesign the truck the interior and whole truck will be class leading just like the 2007 model when it was introduced to the public. Despite being the oldest design for half tons, the Silverado is the second best selling truck sold today. The Silverado is really the only competition ford has and the Dodge and Toyota don't even come close in sales.
Not sure the name "Scottsdale" speaks of top of the line. What ever they name the truck, I am sick of the magazines complaining about the interior on the Silverado and GMC Sierra. The Silverado and the Sierra are sporting the oldest platforms for half ton pickups on the market today. (2007) and I am looking forward to the redesign and new powertrains.
GM will win and ford fans will cry.
Fords has 50% of the HD market. so what, all that proves is Ford has done a better job of marketing the superduty to their customers. I never said GM would take over the HD market. I am sure that GM will gain market share in the HD market however. And no matter how many superduty's are sold, the Duramax is the proven diesel engine and will out perform the powerstroke in real world conditions. Like it or not, that is a fact. The duramax is king!
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No the Duramax is the best Diesel engine available today and the Allison transmission is the best transmission available. together they make a unbeatable combination. Sorry Ford fans. You lose!
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Dec 6, 2010