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I just saw an add for a cool looking race. I'm in. Anyone else?
Herm - Nice article. I too have been eating whatever. My kids and I had our Christmas on the eve and had a great time. Can't wait for my daughter's b-day on new year's eve. I have been hanging out with some new friends and eating bad food. It's all good because meeting new people is hard for me. I will clean up my diet near 90% Paleo by the 1st. I am seeing some specialists soon to get my body healthy and hope to start training hard by the middle of January. I went to the gym the day after Christmas for a hung over WOD. Not good. Then I went Cross Country skiing. I got all the toxins out. I will be posting a few pictures and more of what I have been up to in my blog:
This is my post from yesterday. I typed it up and got busy with work and forgot. I probably won't be posting every day now. I am thinking about starting my own blog for my journey to the games because it will be like a soap opera! Congratulations Cookie and Herm on your one year anniversary! I took a couple of days off the computer to clear my head off looking and reading about CrossFit. I still did a WOD on Friday and yesterday, but not much today because of the 3 feet of snow we just got. I totally relate with Pony's post. I just love CrossFit so much and I am a big time loaner. I usually don't have too many people around me, and when I do, they get sick of listening to CrossFit. I would love to talk to someone daily about CrossFit what is into CrossFit. I read here and there about how women can't find good men, and I am a good one that can't find a woman. I have come to the realization that it will be a CrossFit woman or no one. I have talked to a couple women and scared them off pretty quick with just telling them what CrossFit is. I guess you could say I am in a short low point in CrossFitting right now. It's for many reasons, but I do have many mini-injuries right now. I had a good long massage yesterday, but it really didn't help things that much. I have been laying off pull ups and anything that could make my left wrist hurt. I did some DB bench presses this morning, but couldn't do the overhead stuff without my wrist hurting even with it taped up. With the games coming up, etc. I am thinking about taking a good 2-3 weeks off CrossFit and see my orthopedic and a physical therapist to get my body as close to 100% to start training for the games. I hope they have an event that is AMRAP of double unders! Ha!
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Dec 7, 2009
Today's WOD at CF Avalanche 30,20,10,5 of Push ups Pull ups Opposite side toe touch (almost like pistols) I did this WOD with a 20# vest and an 8# weight for the toe touches. 11:09 No other really strong people at the gym this morning to gauge how well I did on this one. It did wipe me out. Before the CF gym I also did about an hour of oly lifting, 45 GHD sit ups, 45 back ext, rolling, various skill work, and stretching. Today after work, heavy dead lifts and squats. Annie tomorrow (I have inside info about WODs coming up at my gym now) I am shooting for a sub 5:30. PR is 6:19 as of now.
Chalk talk... I have a lot of experience with this one, especially since pull ups are one of my strongest exercises. DON'T USE CHALK UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! For over a year I never touched chalk, never got a rip. The first time I did a lot of pull ups at an affiliate, I used chalk and ripped the crap out of my hands. I have tried it both ways and never rip my hands when I don't use chalk. Now that I always work out at an affiliate, I use less chalk than anyone else. A WOD like we did today that had 65 pull ups and it was 11 minutes... no chalk. Fran... no chalk. A long WOD with pull ups in the 15th or 20th minute. I may use a little chalk because of the sweat and that's it. No callus trimming.Make sure you don't grip the bar in the middle of your hand. You have to grip the bar with almost all fingers. My gym is letting me know what WODs we will do a day in advanced so I can work on extra strength work. YES! Cookie - Funny typo. Don't feel too bad about the DNF. Fran is one of the WODs I have a DNF on also. We can't put out 100% every day. You did good by busting out some rowing. I usually just cry and don't do anything else when I have a DNF. I did that on my last CFT. My DL PR is 400#. I couldn't do 410, or 385, so I did 325 and left the gym quick pretty much in tears because I screwed up my total even with an awesome BS. CynthiaJ - Just about everyone knows about the FRAT. I visit a lot of gyms and our reputation precedes us most of the time. We need to get an official list of who is in. PB - We need that FRAT logo pretty soon. I will make us a them song. I will make sure it is not too strange. I was also thinking about making a little video with that xtranormal text to video thing.
Confused of what? You said it yourself about the power output... I am working on 3 computers while I type up these posts. There's not a virus here is there??
Hey everyone. I am so glad I am not doing Fran today. I have a 4:29 Fran and would not like to do heavy Fran anytime soon. PB - How can you rock Eva rx'd and have to scale Fran. Come on! J9 - I had Achilles issues for months before my coaches got me on some foot exercises (circles and gas peddles). Gene - I would be in the same boat trying to do heavy Fran. It would take to long. You should just do regular Fran for a higher power output. My WOD today: To long to write. 10 stations, 30 seconds each, 2 rounds. It was a ski/ snowboarding conditioning type of WOD. Fun and tiring. Can't wait for a named WOD tomorrow (I hope).
Pokey and PB - I can't believe your Eva times! You guys rocked it. Most can't even finish that WOD as rx'd. The only time I ever did it was with 55# and my time was about 54 minutes. That was about a year ago. I am curious when I do it next what my time may be. Today we did clean and jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1. Not a good day for me again... 145-155-165-175-185-195(f)-200(f) Both failures were barely. I had the weight up, but elbows were not locked and I didn't step into position. I am not quick enough to get that weight up. My C&J PR is 190. There are a few guys at my gym that are starting to pass me up on some WODs. Very humbling to see guys do in 3-4 months what it took me over a year to get to. Now I am at 1 1/2 years and I constantly think I should be doing better. Coaching and a box makes a huge difference. Herm - I loved the video. I was entranced the whole time watching that.
I thought I would chime in a little bit. I feel so out of place not doing the main site WODs. Patty - I hope the specialist has an answer about your foot. Pony - Stay strong with that cold and drink your fluids. I hope I never get another cold as long as I live. They knock me out. I actually took a 100% rest day yesterday. I probably walked no more than 50 feet all day. We did some 500m rowing repeats today. Man, there are some people at my gym that are catching up to me fast! Before the gym I did some push presses in my garage to try to help overhead strength.I will be doing that almost daily. At least I got up to 185#. I am also doing a whole buch of handstand pushups with parraletts with my head touching the ground. I've been hitting the GHD pretty hard almost every day now too. Feels great. You guys keep it up with the main site WODs. Stay strong FRAT!
J9- Happy birthday. Nice WOD. Always go extra hard on the b-day to make up for any non-paleo food you might eat. Good day for me this morning. Double under PR - 75 reps 5RM Back squat PR - 300 Hit it hard FRAT.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2009 on November 6th, 2009 at The FRAT Paleo Challenge
Hey. I had a little cheat yesterday also. A burrito and soft taco after the climbing gym. At least I had steak and chicken. Really hard to take a rest day. I did an hour of WU and stretching this morning. I was going to go for a mountain bike ride, but I must rest the legs. I have to go to a lunch meeting today, I will try to eat paleo, but lets see what happens. One guy beat me at Elizabeth at my gym yesterday. Boy am I pissed. I need to step it up even more! I must progress faster if I were to meet my goals! Everyone rest and get better. I wish I could sleep more than 6 hours a night. I'm never tired, but I don't know. Maybe I don't need more.
I am signed in through Facebook now too! CynthiaJ - Yes. Every time I get something it takes at least 2 weeks to get rid of it. Last winter I had bronchitis really bad and it laid me up for 6 weeks. Herm - Good challenge. In the past I did cheat a little at the office pot lucks. I will do that no more. One of my biggest problems is when I travel. I eat as close to Paleo as I can, but it is near impossible to do. I am on a WOD mission. I finally did Elizabeth today as Rx'd 9:24. Over 2 minutes faster than last time with 115# cleans. I still need to progress. Any metcom with heavy weigh does me in. I am getting a little better. I should be able to do Elizabeth in less than 5 minutes.