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Bice Dibley
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My interest in names on boxes is selfish; I just want to be able to tell whether a new game from the same studio is actually created by the same people or whether everybody cleared out at the end of the previous game. To stretch the basketball analogy, if the rules of basketball had been handed over to the NHL for a 'reboot' but the name basketball had been kept to keep fans coming back, I'd like to know about it before a puck hit me in the face at the gym. No matter what the future of gaming, the systems in which players act will always be designed, and certain individuals or groups will be better at creating those designs than others. As a player, the ability to discriminate new games based on previous experience with a designer/design group is crucial simply because of the volume of new content being created. Recognition, praise, and money for the author is of secondary concern.
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Nov 1, 2011