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Will Bickford Smith
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Thomas - what is the point in the Conservative Party if we are not conservative? The challenge in politics is always to inspire the public with your vision and values for the way Britain should be run. It is not to try and cherry pick areas of policy and make up your values and beliefs on a shoestring. THAT is what bad long-term policy making is, not the actions of Thatcher who changed this country for the good beyond all recognition. It would be nice if more conservatives would hammer home this legacy rather than fuelling the claptrap of the Left.
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Adrian - I take your points, but I object to any system in any institution which would seek to track an individual without their consent. Also, the 'if' is a big 'if'. Who is going to control where the data goes? What if the University then decides that they are going to utilise the system to find students' whereabouts to check they have spent sufficent hours in the library (and thus completed the prescribed hours of recommended reading for that course)? It may sound far fetched but it's a very slippery slope as we all know.
Conservatives 320 Labour 227 Lib Dems 83
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May 6, 2010