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Imagine three burqa-clad bimbos belting out a show tune for Allah's cause while the faithful stoically stand with their fingers in their ears for fear that listening to a songstress will be met with molten lead being poured into their ears when the Allah gets ahold of them come Judgment Day. Sure, you've got to be nuttier than a fruitcake to buy into this drivel but it is after all the holiday season…they gobble gobble this stuff up like it was pea gravel. Good for the soul don't cha' know...
Given it's their desire for the Muslim Brotherhood to never turn tail and run from adversity they should adopt the the opening stanza of "Turkey Lurkey Time" as their battle cry. It's turkey lurkey time Tom turkey ran away, but he just came home It's turkey lurkey time He's really home to stay, never one to roam Let's make a wish, and may all our wishes come true...…. It's all gravy from here on out for the hand job of the Muslim mob.
If we're nitpicking the Dome on the Rock on the Temple Mount should be raised given that it is an offshoot of an illegitimate Muslim settlement on historically Jewish lands stolen by murderous conquest. Fair is fair.
A positive HIV test will do the trick. Conjecture is all it takes in these ass backwards hellholes.
Twenty Syrian rebels raped, tortured and mutilate Christian girl. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC
The Sarin Rebels let the cat out of the bag. Loose lips jinx scripts. Victim narrative takes a hit. All that coin for armaments and neglected to provide a little ching for a PR guru or two. The Lyin's of Allah are sorely in need of a life coach.
America has and will again burn at the hands of Islamic Jihad but the symbolism of the making and baking the perfect cookie means we will once again rise from the ashes. Prevention, awareness, the negative vibe that surrounds it is too much to bear. I'm getting all soft and doughy inside;warm sentiments smothering the icky stuff. I like mine with sprinkles and a cherry on top.
Sounds alot like the good'ol USSR telling children to report their parents for thought crimes.
Reza is not what he appears to be. The urban teddy bear blends right in. From his comfy little nest this twerp tweets Let the Third Intifada begin. If clown boy had to walk the walk think he'd still have that smirk on his face?
Why carry a sickness bag when you can make a fashion statement? Only punks blow chunks. Sequester your revulsion, show your neighbor you care. New and improved with the moisture trigger, expansion sack. Just twist and tear. Never spill a drop with the magi-seal containment lock.
Be prepared -
Every time Muslims label someone a whore they always seem to be wearing those white spermatozoa costumes. When you're styling as rapist's ejaculate nothing is left to the imagination.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on "Miss Whore Contest" at Atlas Shrugs
After the G-20 someone has to start working on a screenplay of the One. I've got a working title. Citizen Inane.
There's a photo going around the internet of a dead raccoon along the side of the road that someone tied a get well soon balloon on the carcass. This exchange reminds me of that photo. The poor creature is hamburger all over the highway, the truck that hit it is out of sight and mind, and people are hanging get well balloons on the corpse. Suggestions for navigating the cultural morass. The bias of the headline, the "anti-Muslim post," says it all. It's a given you must respect it. The premise is wrong. The answers are wrong, it's just plain wrong. Read it. You may feel the urge to retract an assumption or two. Or skulk away.
According to James Linnstrom Terry Earsing is guilty of a thought crime because it does not jive with the narrative he wants to foster. Do you not see how utterly ludicrous your argument is?
The next time you make a declarative statement take the time to read the article. It will save you from looking like an ass.
How do you make the leap his personal views "may" impact his professional conduct? Are you familiar with his work ethic? Do you know this man? Hell no. You find it needlessly derogatory. Why? Because it lacked the eloquence of Pam Geller's treatment? He's being punished for a thought crime. This man needs a correction because the social engineering he was subjected to didn't take? An apology is in order? You need to write an open letter of apology to the framers of the constitution for writing such drivel. Someone needs to write this on a piece of paper, nail it to a bat and drive it home. Some Boneheads need to learn the hard way.
Terry Earsing mocked what he found offensive. The manner is of no import as far as I am concerned. That he had his livelihood stripped away, punished for a though crime outside the workplace; that is the bone I have to pick with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. He didn't take the photo nor respond to it on the company dime. I have retrieved by Sam's Club card from the trash and will be sending it along with an explanation as to why they will not being seeing my business again. I don't care if they're a stone's throw away the next time I am in need of something or the price is right. They get squat.
If what is Pleasing to Allah were headlined as a sketchy, show tune lyric - "Garbage bag hags gone slag that sag with kufir bags red-flagged"
From what I can tell the police act like wardens in an open prison yard and treat a given class of citizenry as inmates that cannot cross into the Muslim gang’s turf. If that is England’s definition of an open, pluralistic society where walking down the street is met with a stint in a holding cell you have already given in and lost your way.
When in Rome doesn't fly with MoHoundians. Any perceived slight is judged as a war on Islam and the savages howl their outrage like a pack of wild curs. Their barely-disguised primitive nature always boils just under the surface. Any attempt to remove the muzzle off of one of their breeding stock and that bitch is tainted.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2013 on Muslim mob attacks police in France at Atlas Shrugs
If the beauty pageant were one of sex slaves the Sunnah mandates that "at all times" they be bare from the waist up. Their status as a sexual commodity without a handler (a wali) makes them haram.
What was mentioned of internet "bullying crimes?" Is that another rabbit POTUS Oh,Sh*tMahSelf is going to pull out of his hat?
"Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked." -- Psalm 97:10 Hate evil. The LibProgs got to this poor soul.