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Wonderful song, Sally. Thanks for sharing this.
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Interesting to read this article with my British eyes, where there is not as clear a distinction between 'evangelicals' and 'mainliners', because many (but by no means all, of course) evangelicals have stayed within the historic denominations. That leads me to a couple of observations: 1. Yes, the first time I read McLaren ('The Church on the Other Side') I thought his view of mission was no different from liberal Christianity. Plenty of other EC trends look like liberalism in a postmodern bath. 2. However, for the same reason I would query your friend's labelling of N T Wright as a 'mainliner'. Yes, he is an Anglican bishop, but for all his New Perspective credentials he is generally recognised as an evangelical theologian. Hence his alignment with the moderate evangelical Anglican group Fulcrum (
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Emerging Church and Mainliners at Kruse Kronicle
Pete, Thanks for this. I've updated my post (to which you kindly link above) to include a reference to this post and raise the question about whether this means that once again it's Methodism making all the running.
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Feb 24, 2010