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And in reference to nearly 3 1/2 years ago when Pamela confronted Ibrahim Ramey in the is video when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has certainly awakened to this radical Islamist movement since that orchestrated voting in of Morsi who our president made the decision to support even before all the votes were cast. Egyptians now have a very negative opinion of Obama and his regime, certainly a big difference from the outrageous but nothing new speech Obama made in his Cairo speech.
I could not be more angry at Obama and his incompetent regime for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I was horrified at it then, as I am now. Obama has done irreparable harm to any stability in the middle east. The man is a narcissistic posturing fool that has made false and misleading speeches starting with his CAIRO Speech, which still angers me to no end.
Whatever happened to the Britain I thought we all knew? They have lost their cultural identity in a warped maze of multiculturalism, and political correctness that has become their Achilles Tendon. It is a sad and growing commentary about a country that once ruled seemingly half the World known as the British Empire. Where are the Churchill's of today who understood the rabidness of Islam when he wrote of it in his 1899 book "The River Wars"? Even Neville Chamberlain finally awoke from his delusional slumber in the last year of his life when it came to the 3rd Reich and Hitlers undeterred aspirations. Churchill was demonized by the Brits almost until the bombs began to fall in London. Why do so many Brits develop a form of blindness towards such obvious evil and cannot seem to see the forest threw the trees, or recognize the quack of a duck? Is it a growing fear that Muslims will come and kill them? Thus they would rather settle for appeasement than confrontation to preserve the British culture. All the time the Muslims will continue to be a growing threat to the British Foundations as their ranks grow, simply because that is what they have been commanded to do by Allah. Yes there are so-called moderate Muslims,but they have almost silent voices for fear of Islamic reprisals from the fundamentalists. At what point will the Brits come to a reality as did Neville Chamberlain? Their exist evidence of the opposite so far as the British secretary allows for prosecutions of British citizens and the banning of people like Pamela,Geller,Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders just to name a few. Instead they allow this hate preacher Anjem Choudary to go almost un-inpeded who represent a deadly threat to British Sovereignty.
Jihad is part parcel of Islam, it is in fact the duty of every Muslims per Mohamed. Another words to define it as separate and something unto itself would be considered blasphemy by the votaries of Islam. There are 164 ayas among the 114 surahs of the Qu'ran that call for jihad against the infidel. I would be shocked if any Iman does not call this a blasphemous act by the UK. Now having said that, those who decided to treat Islamic extremism this way may have actually, or unwittingly postured a possible stroke of genius on how to deal with violent jihad by classifying it as separate from Islam even though it is in fact pure Islam. Treating those who promote Islamic violence, or commit Jihad may be looked at with a sharper eye separate from the majority of Muslims in the UK. There may in fact be a silver lining to this somewhat provocative decision by the UK authorities. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I stand with Netanyahu and Israel.
It just keeps happening every day, where is the international community? Where is the United Nations? Were is the United states? How can leaders of the international community stand by and let Christians be slaughtered by The Boko Harem Islamic terrorist organization?
And we are suppose to believe 25,000 hadiths are not (traditions by Mohamed) ---virtually and mathematically impossible.
I remember this hideous slime ball from several years ago, it is great to see that the authorities finally nailed him.
This was a planned and orchestrated action. It is no different then the Orchestrated action by the Muslims students Association (MSA)towards the Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren a few years ago at Cal State Irvine in Southern California. The School took immediate action and those who participated were successfully prosecuted by the district attorney. Will we see the same action taken against these oppressors of free speech? I kind of doubt it.
There's a problem here, in Mohamed's Koran, he speaks of revering the Mother Mary but then says the Jews corrupted the bible. There is a question here: When did the Jews corrupt the Bible? before or after Mohamed? This Waahabi cleric has thus committed blasphemy.
Really difficult for the left to argue with the left isn't it Bill.
Dr. Ben Carson as of last week is now officially a Fox Contributor,but I would prefer to have some liberals on, so that we can decide for ourselves what is best for America after listening to their side. I don't want FOX to go the route of MSNBC that is so far to the left that you feel like your watching programming from some communist/Marxist Country at times.
I think Pamela should have clarified that remark, because what she really meant was the main street media. FOX is the only news and commentary channel carrying the water for the right and conservative side. Lou Dobbs is in our camp, which is one of the reasons he finally picked up and left CNN.
Defining the issue as being reflective of what the Tea Party wants is terribly misleading when you realize that poll after poll over the last three plus years shows the majority of the American People are against Obamacare. These polls go far beyond the Tea Party statistics who at one time were defined as being nearly 45 million Americans. The leftards continue to try and pidgeon hole and demand those opposed to a massive government takeover of our medical plans by using Alinsky tactics. Americans have to realize they cannot have it both ways. If you make the mistake of criticizing the Republicans because of the Gov't shutdown while at the same time you oppose Obamacare you are representing a self defeating approach on how to stop Obamacare. The Republicans are tring to do what most Americans want them to do, the least you can do is back up there efforts against the liberal left.
Obama is a leftwing ideologue and a little man who forgets that he is supposed to be the president to all the American people,some nearly 330 million of us. Yet he chooses to use his powerful bully pulpit to sew division within, and between the races even though there is not a shred of evidence to show that Zimmerman acted with any racial animosity when he tried to defend himself from the viscous and unwarranted attack by Trayvon Martin. If he was a real president he would confront the hideous World of non stop murders by black on black thugs in his own city of Chicago. Obama's comments on this sensitive issue are the most irresponsible and reckless remarks as of yet on the Zimmerman case. For a President to literally ignore the facts in this case can only embolden and encourage more dangerous behavior by those who want to create cay-ous in America. If he has any sense at all , he will immediately walk his incendiary remarks back. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH from this fool! The American People need to reign this presidents remarks in and fast before there is serious violence.
Yes the term cracker has been bantered around over the years, but the term when used by blacks is a racial slur against white Americans and they know it. The term cracker was used to define the farm hands who oversaw black slaves on the Southern plantations prior to the civil war and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.
This is always a day that I have encouraged my children to reflect on our nations independence and the great costs and sacrifices so many have made in preserving it. Even the brave stories of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are great reminders of the price paid to gain freedom from the hegemony of the British. Among the other days we salute this is always day to visit a military cemetery if you can,like Arlington. Most cities in America have a military cemetery. GOD BLESS THOSE WHO STRIVE TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS!!
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I have been to Britain, I do recognize the differences in freedom of expression. My preference is to speak from the perspective of an American who has and cherishes our first amendment right which simple and to the point. Ist Amendment to The US Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".
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I have read Melanie Phillips for years as well as some of her biography,her move from left to right over the last 20 years after leaving the Guardian,her outspoken comments on the threat of Islam, her support for Israel. All the more I am perplexed as to why she chose to be critical of Spencer and Geller simply because she disagrees with their choice of activism. The Home secretary never brought up the EDL, so why did she? Yes Phillips made it unequivocally clear that HS May was wrong to ban Geller and Spencer, but no one asked her to help define a more reasoned ban when it was not called for. No one in this camp would have chosen to marginalize and criticize Geller and Spencer,so why was she so compelled to do so?
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
But the Home secretary did not even address the EDL in her letter, why is Melanie Phillips even bringing it up?
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
Of course she marginalized both Spencers and Gellers position in her article, please read it again. Phillip's wants it both ways in her article, she chooses to disagree with their approach while making little effort to define her reasoning with the exception of the EDL which the Home office did not bring up in their letter. Phillips chose to lump Spencer and Geller with some negative aspects of the EDL Members that have been addressed numerous times as being racist or xenophobic. She then goes on to say that they damaged their credibility as writers. If that is not attempting to marginalize Spencer and Geller I don't know what is. I have read Melanie Phillips several times over the years, but my hope is that she backs the train up on her remarks about Geller and Spencer.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
I could not disagree more, I am well aware of some of the negatives aspects that have risen under the banner of the EDL. Pamela Geller should not try and moderate her behavior to accommodate British pleasantries or niceties one bit. Geller reflects the free spirit of freedom of expression that defines what has made America great under its Ist Amendment to its Constitution. It is this moderating of behavior that has gotten overly indulged political correct Britain into trouble in the first place. The Brits should welcome the likes of outspoken activists like Pamela Geller,Robert Spencer,Geert Wilders,and Mark Steyn among others with open arms.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
I understand what Melanie Phillips wrote, but it sorrily wreaks with an armchair arrogance in that she chooses to marginalize real activists like Spencer and Geller who are brave enough to move the goal posts forward and not stand Idly by as so many politically correct politicians are doing in Britain. Choosing to play the dhimmitude card towards Geller and Spencer does the cause no good. Robert Spencer's scholarship is indisputable on Islam along with his numerous books on Islam dating back well over 30 years. Yes Spencer and Geller could sit back and be armchair critics like Phillips has chosen to do, but they have chosen to be out there and to be engaged against the aggressive nature of Islam and its adherents to the sharia. Melanie should stick to the armchair writing but for Gods sake don't diminish those who are brave enough to step up to the front lines in defense of freedoms from the tyrannical ideology that pervades Islam. My hope is that Melanie Phillips walks back some of her criticisms here.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
There is the old adage that "actions speak louder then words". My friends there have been plenty of words out there, some contributed by a British writer named Melanie Phillips who chooses to sit comfortably back in her flat an express them without reservation and without active involvement in what she negatively perceives with very little knowledge or background pertaining to the EDL. Yes as Pamela says the EDL are a bit rough around the edges but so was George Washington's rag tag army. But for Melanie Phillips to simply dismiss them as just that and nothing else is to ignore the growing problem that threatens not only the UK but all EU and Western Nations as well. The British government showed itself to be more frightful of the enemy within then willing to take firm actions against its perpetrators who continue to grow in their midst, the radical threat of Islamists among them. For Melanie Phillips to try and marginalize Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller does no one any good but the Islamists in her country. To criticize Britain's EDL as not being a respectable platform is sadly wrong. Melanie Phillips you are failing to see what the real threat is to your country, and that is the ever growing threat of Islamists like Anjem Choudary and his group--Step out of your flat and criticize them.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
I'm a bit disappointed in British writer Melanie Philip's commentary on the attack on free speech by Home Secretary Theresa May who pulled a Jacklyn Smith nearly the same way on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. We remember the former Home Secretary Jackly Smith who had a member of the Dutch Parliament Geert Wilders manhandled and stopped for entering Britain right in Heathrow airport. Smith eventually resigned complaining she was in over her head on the job. My disappointment with Philips is that she chose to disagree with Spencer and Geller's approach to dealing with Islamists. Miss Philips seems to think that simply writing about the threat and the jihad against freedom should simply be enough. Oh how wrong she is, activists like Geller and Spencer cannot simply sit back and write about it, but they are bravely moving forward and trying to address this growing threat. I would suggest that Melanie phillips present some action with her words because they will lead us to no where when dealing with Islamists. Melanie Phillips article: