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I have both and Amazon has definitely been improving, especially since they added the Watch List function. They don't have the quantity of Netflix but they're catching up in terms of quality, which is more important.
Bring back MST3K. That would be cheap to produce.
So basically Hulu is looking to revitalize the piracy industry? People aren't going to subscribe to cable.. they're going to his up torrent sites. Bold move, Hulu. I've also noticed Hulu Plus is showing more commercials lately. It used to be like 45 seconds of commercials and now it'a been a minute and a half to two minutes.
Funny that Shrek and Spider-man aren't even available on Netflix streaming.
I so can't wait for this. AD was one of the best comedies ever. So happy they're bringing this back. I really hope they do more than one season and a movie and that the show is just as sharp as it was during its original run. I'd love to see Netflix resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 next.
Probably deserved. I mean, 2011 was just one blunder after another for Netflix. Hopefully they turn things around in 2012 but I have my doubts.
This is amazing news. One of the best shows ever!! I'd love to see Netflix bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. I'm sure they could do it reasonably inexpensively too. That would be pretty amazing. On a side note.. I really hope Community doesn't get the ax. It's seriously the funniest show on TV... until Arrested Development comes back anyway.
Oh man, how are the people running Netflix supposed to feed their kids with those kinds of losses?
I really hope Netflix does. Gamefly is AWFUL. I'd love to see Netflix put them out of business. I had them for 3 months and even though I live one only one state over from their distribution center in CA it took 4 days to get a game to be and usually 6 or 7 to get the game back to them after I mailed it. Such a waste of money and time. I ended up just going with Blockbuster's in-store game pass and now instead of the 3 or 4 games a month I was getting with Gamefly's 2 out at a time plan I'm getting 15+ games a month with Blockbuster. Way better availability too. I'd love to see Netflix get games. I'd definitely give the a try.
Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. That alone would be well worth the price of Netflix. Excited about Arrested Development coming back no matter where it ends up being broadcast (Showtime, Netflix.. wherever) Reno 911 shouldn't have been canceled anyway. Would be great to get new episodes.
I guess the original Joe Cocker theme song was part of the hold up on The Wonder Years seeing as they've replaced it with some other guy singing the song. Kind of sucks but I'll take the Wonder Years with fake Joe Cocker singing the theme over no show at all. I wish they'd just release the series on Blu-Ray or DVD. I'd like to actually own it.
Well Netflix just got The Wonder Years (with some fake Joe Cocker guy singing the original theme song. I guess the theme song was what was holding the show up so long?). Well played Netflix.
No wonder they've raised their rates. 30 million per movie with Dreamworks. About a million per episode of Mad Men. I wouldn't be surprised if streaming rates go up another $2 or $3 in the next year.
Good news. Netflix has been going downhill lately.. not only in their DVD/Blu-ray division but the streaming service has gone downhill. A ton of good stuff just expires now and never comes back. I used to look forward to the monthly major updates and now they're pretty awful. Not much good ever comes out anymore. They've seemingly gotten cocky. They need somebody to hurt them a bit so hopefully they get back on their game.
How in the hell does that stat make sense? I mean.. how is one 20% and the other is 30%? They both use Redbox AND Netflix so you'd think the stat would be exactly the same.
Since it's those that want the streaming service AND DVD service.. shouldn't they be working hard to further improve the quality and range of their DVD/Blu-ray content in Q4 and beyond??? Seriously.. compare their "Releasing This Week" section (which convinently isn't even linked to on their main page anymore, though it does still exist if you have it bookmarked) to this time a few years ago. Their DVD/Blu-ray releases are a joke now compared to what they used to be. They don't even try to get newly released classic TV shows anymore (Spin City, MST3K are just a few off of the top of my head) and a lot of the older movies being newly released on DVD or Blu-ray they skip. I'm trying Blockbuster Online for free for a month and it's new release section is so much larger than Netflix is now. It's a joke to even compare the two. I may just stick with Blockbuster for DVD/Blu-ray rentals and possibly just downgrade to a streaming only plan with Netflix.. or switch to Amazon Prime.
I'd really like to just stick with a DVD/Blu-ray plan but Netflix just doesn't seem to give a crap about it's library anymore. They don't even bother getting many of the TV shows (new releases of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Spin City, etc. come to mind but I've noticed many others). Honestly, I may just have to switch to Blockbuster Online for DVD/Blu-ray.. plus it's one set price. I don't have to pay more for Blu-Ray access. Netflix has just becomes WAY too streaming focused.. which I sort of understand, but a lot of people still want their DVD's/Blu-Ray's in the mail and this price/plan change just doesn't make sense if you're wanting the discs. Compare their Releasing This Week page a few years ago to now. It's a JOKE now compared to what it used to be.
That would be great. I have four 360's, two PS3, a Wii, three PC's, a Laptop and two Blu-Ray players with built in Netflix. It would be great if I could add all of them.
It has been reordering my instant queue a lot lately too. It's VERY annoying because I have over 400 titles in it and I like to keep them grouped together by genre. I used to add titles via, after signing in to the main Netflix website, because that site always showed the newest addition to instant streaming as soon as Netflix added them, but I noticed whenever I'd add titles from that website it would completely scramble my queue. When I do it directly from Netflix it doesn't seem to happen as often. It's VERY annoying when it does though.
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May 25, 2011