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Lot of people seem to be confused about the video. I have a GPS calibrated clock on my bicycle I can tell when it turns 4 p.m. 4 p.m. is when all of the lanes go northbound on that road. If the road is open to cars it is also open to bicycles. Yes it would have been extremely hairy if it had been full rush hour. That was not the case. As you can see in the video there are no cars on the road. It was in that two or three minute period when the cars are being released by the police officers and they are rushing Full Tilt to the light at Thompsons. I don't do that section everyday because sometimes I'm not there on time to beat the cars. Why post the video? 1. What bugged me was that I do not have mirrors, so for the cop to rush up from behind me on his Harley was frighting and for him distracting from the road by talking to me was dangerous. BTW: For those who think that the bike path or the multi use trail or whatever you call it under the Kennedy Center is good try to ride it 365 days a year in the dark in the rain in the snow with runners heading and all sorts of different directions with pedestrians with children and strollers and then tell me that riding on the road with no cars is unsafe. 2. I posted the video in support of another cyclist wondering if they were the only one to experience police bias on the road.
Park Police at it again. See video at YouTube for confirmation. This incident happened yesterday 17th of December 2015 near Thompson's boat house. It is the second time I had a interaction with this guy. First time I gave him a pass but this time was too much.
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Dec 18, 2015