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Nicely put, Glenn. For a pretty fascinating first-hand account of the latter part of Krim's years at UA and then at Orion, check out Mike Medavoy's for-some-reason-little-read memoir YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR NEXT ONE. Not as essential as FINAL CUT, but a very engaging read nevertheless.
I've always found it kind of silly when people try and watch BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ in one or two sittings. That just seems totally counter to the spirit in which it was made, and to the way in which it unfolds. I like it a great deal, but I would probably have had little patience for it had I been forced to watch 10 hours of it at once... That said, I have no idea how Fassbinder intended it to be viewed (not that I particularly care).
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on Art movie marathon update at Some Came Running
No argument from me. My hatred of Grusin's film scoring work once even made it into my Facebook status update. Though I will say that his score for THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR is The Ecstasy of Fucking Gold compared to his score for THE FIRM. It actually took me half an hour to write that last sentence because I fell asleep halfway through it.