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Bill H
Austin, TX
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I think that this is going to be a big year for Rootmusic. Their Bandpages are great, no one competes with them in terms of customizable look, lack of clutter and ease of use. My guess is that this time next year it will be considered embarrassing to have a Facebook page for your band without a Bandpage tab.
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Don, the problem with that idea is that MySpace was so effective in promoting music because you had both band profiles AND personal profiles in the place. You login to talk to friends and that's when bands have the chance to try to get you to listen.
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Agreed. Video games, movies, nice clothing, etc all provide joy, how dare they put a price tag on these things! Just because these things, like music, cost money to create and provide joy (and the ability to eat/pay rent) to those making them doesn't mean that we aren't entitled to receive them at no cost! I have a friend who is in a band and she was trying to make an album and all sorts of people had their hands out. Guitar shops, recording studios, producers and a whole bunch of other greedy capitalist types are STILL not getting the message that we are entitled to free music. They actually wanted to receive MONEY for their time, expenses and talents! LMAO!! It's like they are living in a different century or something! Sometimes I feel like no one will never understand :(
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Dec 13, 2010