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Bill Guerrant
Keeling, Virginia
Organic farmer. Seminary student.
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Good suggestions. I would go further and eliminate all deductions. Or better yet, to avoid the double taxation issue, eliminate taxation of income altogether and keep only taxation of capital gains. I'd prefer taxing spending to taxing saving, but that would seem to conflict with the policy of promoting spending and discouraging savings. In any event, there's plenty to fix in the current system.
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When I read stuff like this I can only shake me head and wonder how much damage will be done before so-called economic experts realize that any system predicated upon perpetual "growth" and finite resources is doomed to collapse. Printing money and incenting debt and speculation will make a few people very wealthy and may create a temporary illusion of prosperity, but it is a false economy, at best. A sustainable future will depend upon reducing consumption, not increasing it. And it will depend upon savings, not spending. Our descendants, who will bear the weight of all this foolishness, will curse us for our stupidity. All in my humble opinion, of course.
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Jun 2, 2013