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The "black on White" crime was rampant in SA right before the ANC took over and has only increased and become more brutal since. I used to work with a lady from SA and she (and her husband) both told me stories that would make your hair curl. I have a good friend that lives in SA right now and I fear every day for her safety & that of her kids. She is working on an exit plan right now and hopes to be out of SA sometime in 2010 - I just hope she lives long enough to make it out of that hell-hole. SA is well on its way to becoming a clone of Rhodesia.
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Did anyone notice this part of the news report - - - "Tel Aviv's reopening of the synagogue . . ." Evidently PressTV doesn't know that JERUSALEM is the Capital of Israel, NOT Tel Aviv. The Muslims will really be bent out of shape when Hashem clears out that abomination presently occupying the Temple Mount to make way for the Third Temple.
Pamela, Happy Passover to you and your family - may Hashem bless you greatly & always. I am not Jewish but tonight I think about my first inlaws - both where Holocaust survivors. I also remember a business associate of mine from my years at RCA, Ted, who spent part of his youth in Treblinka. As a child I learned of the struggles and adversities the Jews had to overcome, both in church and in school. But what really smacked me up side the head like a baseball bat was seeing the number tatooed on the inside of Ted's left wrist. That's when you really understand that this was no abstract story in a history book but was something that happened to REAL PEOPLE!! The world has always been a dangerous place. From the beginning of time we've had the fight between good & evil. There are people in the present day that have plans for us like the ones Hitler formulated (with the help of the Grand Mufti) for the Jews if we will not follow their grand plan for the world. I know many of you think evil is winning right now, but I maintain it will be a transient and hollow victory if we all mobilize and fight them with all the tools & skill G_d has bestowed upon us. Pam is doing her part - we need to do our part as well: then one day Golda's dream will be a reality. G_d expects nothing less from us - He is all-powerful of course, but He expects us to do our part as well. As my father used to tell me when I was a child "Life is NOT a spectator sport".
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Obama's anti-British attitude is not a surprise to me at all, nor is his anti-Jew attitude. One need only look at this background and upbringing to understand both of them. Remember, his father is from Kenya. Post-colonial Kenya was (and still is) a real hotbed of animosity towards the UK. No sense in rehashing the Muslim & communist upbringing - I know you are all aware of that.
The fact that the police ever spoke to the MP (or even an ordinary Brit) about this subject is OBSCENE!! What is nearly as obscene is that these so-called "Race Equality Councils" are supported by taxpayers money. They are nothing more than minority group grievance monger groups.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Brits: Burka Blow to Free Speech at Atlas Shrugs
Well folks, I read that letter and I have ZERO issues with it. I for one am really getting sick and tired of the perverts shoving their lifestyle in my face and telling me I have to approve of it or they will try and get me fired from my job or will picket my house for exercising my 1st Amendment rights. These things ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW in California - people that contributed to support Prop. 8 out here are being mau maued by the militant gays. What they do in private is THEIR business, but once they try and force little kids in the schools to accept their perversion as normal (such teaching is mandated by state law out here) & shove it in my face in public and over the public airwaves that becomes MY business. I for one refuse to tolerate evil of ANY kind. Now, having said all that - The FDI's function is to help educate people about the evils of Islamism & sharia SPECIFICALLY, and anything that diverts from that purpose just blunts the effect of the message.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on LA Premiere Cancellation at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, Personally I think the Israeli government should expel the British Ambassador, not some mere embassy flunky. AND, speaking of embassies, it is not about time (actually LONG overdue) that Israel put its foot down and set a deadline for ALL embassies to relocate to Jerusalem? Any embassy that does not relocate by the deadline would be shut down. I think January 1, 2012 would be a proper date. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, NOT Tel Aviv. When Germany was reunified in the early 90s didn't everyone relocate their embassies to Berlin? Why should Israel be treated any differently after it was able to dislodge the Muslim invaders from its capital in 1967? Does any country in the world have its embassy to the US in Philadelphia? Not that I know of. If Israel wants to command respect in the international community it must stand up and say "Enough of this bullshit (substitute the correct Hebrew word) already: we are the people and government of Israel; we are sovereign in this land by the commandment of and under a title given to us by G_d Himself through Moses. An UNDIVIDED Jerusalem is OUR capital".
I also thought about my dad tonight when this bill passed. Dad gave up nearly 5 years of his life in the 40s to fight the fascist powers in WWII, only to have the marxists push this unconstitutional health care bill through the Congress. I'm glad dad is not here to see this sad day for the USA. Pamela, Obama is a combination of the worst of Allende & Trudeau with a bit of Hugo Chavez thrown in for seasoning. I hope it will not take the kind of upheaval that Chile had to suffer to exterminate these marxists, but if that has to happen, then so be it. Pinochet was and is a hero - granted he was a bit brutal at times (though some of that brutality was, I think, warranted) but he did save his country from becoming another Cuba. Folks, we have 2 big projects ahead of us: 1) Exterminate these marxists from the Congress, the White House and the courts, starting with this fall's election. 2) Come up with a plan to "monkey wrench" this health care plan.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Bye Bye Miss American Pie at Atlas Shrugs
In 2000 I answered only the first question (the number of people in the household) and inserted a statement saying that "I have answered the only question you are authorized by the Constitution of the United States to ask. I will not answer any of the other unauthorized question, regardless of any provisions in the United States Code. It is long established law that a mere statute of Congress CANNOT amend a provision of the Constitution. I plan to do the same thing with the Census form I received yesterday.
As I've said many times before, the IAF should make ALL of Gaza look like a clone of Dresden, Germany in April, 1945.
Time is NOW to impeach this bastard in the White House and try him for treason!!! Backing Israel into a corner like this will backfire BIG TIME - it will leave israel in the position that it will have to turn the Iranian nuke facilities into glass factories. Wonder if Obama is channeling the Iranian President and is trying to hasten the return of the 12th Imam?
If the "U.S. authorities" where really serious, the imam would be indicted for treason and a price put on his head.
Cate, You are probably right - that bastard in the White House is a marxist "true believer". His father was fired from the government of Kenya for pushing the same kind of marxist agenda his son is now trying to foist on the United States. Some of his fervor, I believe, is the desire to validate his father's ideas. The next few months will be very pivotal for this country - it will determine whether we remain free or head down the road paved by Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on "I came out for my three children" at Atlas Shrugs
Folks, I grabbed this from the Begin Center (thanks to Israeli cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen "Dry Bones" for the link). This is what PM Begin did when the US jumped all over Israel in 1981 - maybe Bibi will do the same thing. Twenty-seven years ago, the Knesset, by a two-thirds majority, passed the Golan Heights Law which extends Israeli law to the Golan Heights. With its passing, the US declared that it would "punish Israel". Begin did not wish to stand by and allow the "punishment" to pass without comment. He issued a statement on 20 December 1981 that he read to the US Ambassador to Israel, read to the Cabinet and issued to the public. In it he says: "A week ago, at the instance of the Government, the Knesset passed on all three readings by an overwhelming majority of two-thirds, the "Golan Heights Law." Now you once again declare that you are punishing Israel. What kind of expression is this – "punishing Israel"? Are we a vassal state of yours? Are we a banana republic? Are we youths of fourteen who, if they don't behave properly, are slapped across the fingers? Let me tell you who this government is composed of. It is composed of people whose lives were spent in resistance, in fighting and in suffering. You will not frighten us with "punishments." He who threatens us will find us deaf to his threats. We are only prepared to listen to rational arguments. …As regards the future, please be kind enough to inform the Secretary of State that the Golan Heights Law will remain valid. There is no force on earth that can bring about its rescission."
My first reaction to all of this is that Bibi should tell Obama that not only will the Israelis build whatever they want in Jerusalem but that they will formally annex Judea & Sameria (like they should have done on 6/12/1967) and build whatever and wherever they want there too (a Likud MK either has or is going to introduce a resolution in the Knesset this week for just that purpose). Where in the hell does Obama, Biden & The Witch get off, let alone the EU? Would any of them cotton to Israel (or anyone else for that matter) telling them what or where to build in Washington DC, Berlin, London or Paris? You KNOW the answer. Looking at JPost online a bit ago the latest is that Hillary (and, of course the Sec. of State would not say this without clearing it with Obama) wants the construction announced the other day rescinded and has demanded again that ALL contruction for Jews in "East" Jeruslaem be halted. Where I think Obama is going is to let him WAY overplay his hand, like he has done on the health care fiasco, then let the US administration implode when they get the kickback from Congress and the American people. I think Bibi knows what he is doing, but I'm just a bit concerned about how this situation will play out. The White House is, I believe, trying to crater the present israeli government, just like Bill Clinton did to Bibi when he is in office, thinking that if either Kadima or Labor takes over they'll give the Palis everything they want and then some. But I don't think it will work this time. Personally I'd like to see that bastard we have in the White House right now impeached and strung up for treason, but that is not likely to happen. So we'll just have to let things play out and see what happens. As for me personally, if push comes to shove and Obama really pushes to destry Israel, this is one native born American Christian that will go to Israel and stand on the front lines with the IDF and do whatever I can to support Israel. Just a thought - how about those of us in the US send the Prime Minister an email and tell him we're on Israel's side regardless of what that evil fool in the White House or his minions say or do?
Jamieos, We, YOU and I, are the ones that need to teach our grandkids history, what the United States is about and why we must fight the political part of Islam. I say this mostly because the schools are NOT going to do it - they take the "all cultures are equal" and "we must be non-judgemental approach". Even if the teachers understand they are told to teach this "PC" homoginized view of the world.. I'm a couple of decades behind you, but I too have seen alot. I cannot believe how this country has gone so soft in the head, but thankfully we do have people like Pamela and Robert to help you, dig up and digest the info we need - but WE are the ones that have to carry forth that knowledge to those near and dear to us.
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I'll just repeat what I said when the existence of this program first broke: "Can anyone say 'Hitler Youth' or 'Young Pioneers'"? I though Gates was a VERY bad choice for Sec. of Defense when Bush first appointed him, and subsequent events have proven me right.
I remember as a child (late 50s ~ early 60s) listening to both the BBC & Radio Moscow on shortwave radio. Then I trusted the BBC and laughed at Radio Moscow. I hate to say this but these days things have reversed. You all know that if the assaultee & and the assaulted where reversed all the mainstream news media outlets, NOT just the BBC, would be screaming at the top of their lungs about how evil those Christians and Buddhists are.
Noah, AMEN to your comment. I will refrain from making any comments about Lilla Li's rants above except to say that when someone is making a fool of themselves just let them do it. Pamela, excellent job of coverage on the rally and the IDF Dinner. The IDF has a lot more patience and compassion for the Muslims in Gaza than I do - when "Cast Lead" started, I wrote the Prime Minister and told him "it is past time to carpet-bomb Gaza back to before the Stone Age. It should be made to look like Dresden, Germany did in April of 1945. That is the only way to eliminate the terror threat from Gaza because the ONLY thing the Muslims understand is overwhelming brute force. Also, no matter HOW careful you are and how low the casualty rate is the world will condemn you for even going in, so you might as well do the whole job". Well Bibi did not take my advice, the result I predicted came true (did anyone not think it would)? Islam is NOT a religion: it is an evil barbarian cult wrapped in a quasi-religious mantle - it is cut out of the same cloth as Nazism, and must be exterminated from the planet (or, at a minimum, contained like a rabid dog is contained).
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
What is the most disgusting part about the situation of the Christians in Iraq is that the US government is doing NOTHING to help!!!! The tax money of the American people, who are about 85% Christian, and the blood and sweat of the US Armed Forces, which are also primarily Christian, liberated the people of Iraq and got the present government up on its feet. Why does the US not INSIST that all the minority groups, including Christians & Jews, be afforded basic human rights? I've contacted my CongressCritter, my 2 US Senators (both Jewish, BTW), the State Department and the White House on this issue and have gotten NO RESPONSE!! It is time for all of us to bombard our Congress people (House & Senate) the White House and the State Department with LOUD and LONG protests on this issue. As Ev Dirkson, former Senator from Illinois, used to say "When they feel the heat they see the light". Let's turn up the heat to BROIL on the US government until they address this issue.
WAY past time to take these Muslim "jurists" and deport them (after stripping them of their US citizenship if they are US nationals) back to some Muslim shithole like Saudi Arabia. There should be NO place for such traitors in this country. There is a line between dissent and sedition or treason, and those guys have stepped WAY over that line.
It says something about how screwy the world has become when one has to consult Pravda to find out what is happening in this world. The US media won't touch this story with a 10 foot pole.
When they do catch that bastard I want to be there when he is hung for treason. No firing squad, no lethal injection. He MUST be hung and it must be put LIVE on TV all over the world.
Sheik, you all need PM Howard (or someone like him) back in office. When are the next elections in AU? We'll have to put up with the communist Muslim in the White House for another 34 months. I have a better idea - how about that ANYONE who demands the imposition of Sharia be IMMEDIATELY deported as a subversive? If calling for the imposition of Sharia is not an attempt to overthrow the government I'd like to know what it is. It is about time the western governments understand that Islam is NOT a religion but a political system wrapped in a religious mantle that is TOTALLY incompatible with western civilization. If they want an immediate example just look at what is happening to Turkey right now. The pogroms against the Jews and Christians are just now going into high gear (and don't forget what the Turks did to the Armenians in 1915).
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on Islam Awareness Week at Atlas Shrugs
Is it just me or are we living Orwell's "1984" - up is down, truth is fiction, lies and falsehoods (like "Palestinan History") are the truth? This is INSANE!!! One would think that in this day of modern instant communications such crap as is being peddled by the Fayyad et all would be seen for the unadulterated bullshit it is. We need a new Crusade - time to put the Muslim devil back into his box.