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yeah, i have a koran i keep in the toilet. comes in quiet nice for ass-wipe
durbin is an a-hole, so he we have to fart so i will know which end is the a-hole end
muslims are like flies they eat doo doo and bother people
MUSLIMS KEEP YOUR HEADs DOWN THE WORLD HAS READ YOUR BOOKS AND HISTORY THERES NO PLACE FOR FAIRY TALES AND LIES. Well all i have to say is ,if the british had any sense at all, there would be many ships and many planes loaded up and headed for mecca. I can't believe what those damn political do gooders have done to that friggin country,in fact the same for all of europe it seems to me. Now obama seems to be doing the same to us.
Seems to me this serves the english well. They seems to love muzzies quiet well They even have no go zones in london and other large english cities. They started it, now they can live with it.
i'll take that pretty puppy. give me the info on who has him
pamela,If i were you i would not waste my time debating the dip shabazz. He does not even deserve any of your attention. debating you gives him credibility,which he does not deserve. just tell the news media to go to hell and don't respond to those dips. they are just trying to pull you down to the level of shabazz. the bastards are trying to present you as being the equal to the right of shabazz. don't do it anymore.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on Geller on Money Rocks Tonight at Atlas Shrugs
Aren't these some fine looking specimens for human beings?
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on Who's the Fascist? at Atlas Shrugs
all i have to say is phoque "geraldo" He is a big bag of doo-doo,wind bag , blow hard,dip chit, and most of all a glorified chit-hook,know nothing,sorry scroundrel. Pamela should have slapped him silly.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on Geraldo's Hit Job at Atlas Shrugs
The tall guy is fudgie. i didn't think muslims tolerated fudgemo's
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on Pro-Victory Mosque Candlelight Vigil at Atlas Shrugs
It appears to me that the muslims in the US have been trained intensely on how to disrupt life and customs in the U.S. that appears to be their sole purpose for being here. It has just come to my attention that very few of these muslim jerks work,therefore they can spend all of their time everyday just stirring the pot.Hell they didn't work in the countries they came from so why should they work here. honestly we don't need them if they are not trained to be employed. Just who the hell has determined these a-holes can come over here and get a free ride on the american taxpayers.I know obama is bringing them over by the plane load everyday,but gw was also doing the same damn thing.It appears to me that the friggin republicans are also complicite in these evil deeds. all i ask is when the hell is this crap going to stop? Are we the people going to have to take CARE OF BUSINESS OURSELVES.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2010 on The CAIR Playbook at Atlas Shrugs
where the hell do all those muslims come from? Is there enough jobs in france for all these people? Or are most of them on public assistance? The sorry ass french cops need to get off their sorry asses and get these dips off the friggin street. They just do it with impunity. just pisses me off because the bastards would not let the protestants or any other religion do the same. i read that european governments have been praising the muslim religion and berating all the other major religions in europe. what the hell is wrong with those friggin liberals??
whats that smell?
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2010 on Caption this! at Atlas Shrugs
Mr lee refused to comment on the compulsory nature of the trip,because there is nothing compulsory about the trip.Fire mr. lee right now. to hell with him and his compulsory ideas.
All i have to say is it is a damn shame that the people of europe have been disarmed and are now unable to defend theirselves from the invaders. I am afraid this is going to happen in america very soon if "ZERO" has his way.
I can see you good people of the edl are going to have to take back what is rightfully yours.I lust for the day that the edl rises up and returns these moosies back to their homeland.I think it is becoming obvious to the whole world that the moosies cannot live and mix with other races..The sooner the better
A lot of unjustified hysteria.How they can call what they found a bomb is beyond me. Maybe next time they will clear the whole friggin city.
Yeah, "ZERO" and he fat ass buddies have sat on their fat asses too long and done nothing..Now it is time for "ZERO" to step up and take responsibility for this. I am really expecting "ZERO" to blame the whole thing on G.W.. Here is what pisses me off even more. I just found out that "ZERO" was able to slip the moooslims in for free healthcare in the new obama care bill. Just isn't fair that the moooslims get free health care and have the hard working american people pay for it. Makes me want to take to the friggin streets.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2010 on Rush: Obama's Katrina at Atlas Shrugs
i hope the fags that are prosecuting gertt come down with a bad case of v.d.. would surely serve those bastards justly.
"ZERO" knew he screwed up when he rejected mr graham for the speech so trys to smooth things over by visiting his father. billy should have run his sorry ass off.
What does the raghead have on his head?????????
someone erased my posts,guess somebody is pissed at us. This is my last post here.
Guess miss pamela didn't like my post about allah
I must say "ZERO" looks to be thrilled about he new threads. Really doesn't take much to make "ZERO" happy. "Zero" would probably shit in he pants if he got a new pair of shoes. Grapevine has it that "ZERO" was so happy when he mama came home from working the night shift he really did shit he pants. HE ALSO SANG HE FAVORITE SONG TO HE MAMA I'm so happy to see you again You are my very best friend Haven't seen you in a long long time I am so happy to see you again. Bow wow wow you are my very best friend.