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Jeff, While I completely agree with you that the boutiques are chipping-away at Madison Avenue, there is still power in the Big Idea that will drive all of the metrics the nerds are expousing (sp?). However, the Procurement folks may not allow "traditional" agencies and their strategic thinking to even see the light of day if the numbers don't align on some spreadsheet. All of us at the larger shops need to get-out of our comfort zones and push media-neutral, measurable engagement strategies whenever the opportunity arises; lest we keep losing business to the metric-driven boutiques that may not fully be able to bring the Big Idea to life, but do provide Procurement with the right ROI. Let's hope the Mad Men return for Season 5 and beyond!
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2010 on The Demise of the Mad Men at Seeing Both Sides
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Mar 31, 2010