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I think long long (real or fake) nails are absurd and speak to superficiality and impracticality. I would suggest to you this is exactly what is intended: it's a sign of virtue signalling for the little people. The virtue in question is "Don't Have To Work For A Living", as long nails means you can't be doing heavy physical work nor will you be very useful as computer operator using a keyboard all day. This means those with long fingernails are supposedly rich enough to to have to work or in a high enough management position that your using of your hands in merely incidental. Foot binding in pre-revolutionary China was the same. All over suntans do the modern equivalent showing you have lots of unencumbered time to work on that perfect suntan. As a result you have many people trying to do their own virtue signalling to show their supposedly elite status. I don't know if they consciously understand the fake status they are trying to project.
Councils are debating whether to spend thousands of pounds to continue live steaming their meetings. Is it true the old wives tale that they won't jump out of the pot if you start them off in cold water on the stove?
I went to Palpay to send some money to David, and there discovered David is actually the surviving wife of a now-deceased Nigerian prince who is hoping to strip the black coating off millions of US dollars that he had to disguise to get them smuggled out of Africa, but once out was unable to afford the cleaning chemicals. I have agreed with David at Palpay to buy and take delivery of just a couple of boxes of these US$100 notes so he can afford to clean the rest of his blackened currency and regain his immense wealth and I will be able to share in his wealth too. In the meantime I have put some money in David's tip jar until those boxes of money get delivered and I can get the black coating removed from those banknotes. It's a good thing that Palpay has also reminded me my virus protection has expired and I need to subscribe to get another renewal for the next ten years. I must have forgotten about the original subscription.
"♫ dvergr elves, dvergr elves, Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?♬" Tonight: a dvergr elf takes a norse axe to the chest after running at a Norse policeman with a sword and the policeman is forced to defend himself. Also, an overloaded Viking ship gets pulled over by the fiord police and cited for having an inadequate number of shields mounted on the sides of the boat. "♫ dvergr elves, dvergr elves, Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♫"
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2022 on Friday Ephemera at davidthompson
One of the linked article Steve Sailer's articles contains the RevealingHistories assertion: “Hogarth’s use of black characters reflects a growing black population during his lifetime, especially in London, and as servants to the aristocracy throughout the country, so that by the end of the century there were around 20,000 black people in Britain. This black presence has often been omitted in popular British historical accounts, which have traditionally dated the arrival of a significant black population to the Windrush generation that settled after the Second World War.” What needs to be kept in mind is that at the end of the century, in 1801, the census of the British population counted 10.5 million people. So this 20,000 black people is one person in 525 in Britain, or 0.19% of its population compared to 3.00% currently. Not what you would call a deceptively hidden misrepresentation of the proportion of blacks that that linked article accuses. For comparison there are currently five times as many Chinese in Britain as a proportion of the population as there were blacks in Hogarth's time.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2022 on The Sound Of Shoehorning at davidthompson
TomJ's link at August 17, 2021 at 12:07 “In June, finding that gender-critical views were a protected belief, the employment appeals tribunal said only views akin to nazism or totalitarianism were unworthy of protections for rights of freedom of expression and thought under the Equality Act.” So, Nazism which is a Socialist society which discriminates on the basis of race, i.e. skin colour, is banned as a belief. Yet Critical Race Theory demands the adoption of a Socialist society which discriminates on the basis of race, i.e. skin colour, and is to be celebrated and supported instead of being banned. Thanks Grauniad, and the Employment Appeals Tribunal. It does seem that all beliefs (animals) are equal, but some are indeed more equal than others. If belief in totalitarianism is also not protected, then every communist's beliefs shoud be not protected; although a communist will tell you that there were problems with every implementation of communism so far then communism is not totalitarianism in and of itself. They would be wrong there too.
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“fulsomely” “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” It seems apparent that the members of this board definitely didn't previously participate in any honours English programme.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2021 on Not That Kind Of Diversity at davidthompson
Bear with me: I'm thinking laterally here. Maybe it wasn't her Republican neighbours who plowed her driveway; maybe it was someone a bit closer to her heart. After all, did she wake up and see some people shovelling, or did she wake up and see her driveway clear of snow? I put it to you she might have just been visited by her deity (no, not Karl Marx, the other one) during the night, who may have found the chilly driveway offensive to its sensibilities and used its power to make the driveway a bit more like home. After all we can't have Virginia saying that it was a cold day in hell before she thanked her Republican neighbours and actually have it be a cold day on her driveway.
Apologies for posting that rampant example of a Solanum Tuberosum, realising too late that I might have offended David's esteemed bar guests with wanton pictures of a normally hidden tuber. Tip jar pinged in deep penance. Bill
Why do I get feeling that the only "dic-tater" that was toppled actually resembled the following potato:
"...paraphrasing copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent... " Copyright currently protects the expression of an idea rather than the idea itself; such a novel interpretation of Copyright will require rewriting of these law. Once you allow this, then free speech is dead, since you can't otherwise discuss or write about issues if these ideas (instead of a particular expression of these ideas) belong to someone and may not be used without the copyright owner's permission. Goodbye First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Barring linking is not the biggest threat to your freedoms, but extending copyright to protect ideas is. I thought Judges had to swear to uphold the Constitution?
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