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Bill Leland
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The poster above must be a company hack. The person paying $3500 was complaining for the lack of a usable phone being delivered under the insurance program after TWO phones had been sent. THEN he wanted a refund. On the boards we would call you a troll. Now troll, GET LOST. I found this site while in the process of filing a claim for my HTC Incredible that was lost in a Motorcycle accident. I've had my contract just over 2 years with this phone. I can buy one ebay for around $80 or pay Asurion $99 and possibly experience what these people have gone through. I am buying at ebay and cancelling Asurion. It appears Asurion is only cost effective (assuming they replace your phone with an exact, working, identical phone) for not more than one year on a new phone.
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Apr 19, 2012