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I agree with your review. It's Sayers second Lord Peter book, so he's not quite as refined as in later books. And his transatlantic flight at the end happened shortly after Lindbergh's flight, and was very risky. It shows that Sayers knew the value of tying into current events (although it's outdated today). I put up a page on my Wimsey Annotations site with a discussion of that and other points about the book you may find useful.
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"Romance writers may have to start their own publishing houses." Oh, they have, Pogonip. It's called "indie publishing," and romance writers make up the biggest percentage. Romance writers are like rappers: They're in it for the money. They love to tell the stories, but they love the chedder, too. Most of them are hip to the latest marketing trends, and they work the websites, the social media, and form alliances to provide marketing support for each other.
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